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15 normal-looking people at the airport who are actually famous celebrities

These celebs are flying under the radar.

By Debbie Strong
Usually when it comes to celebrity airport arrivals we are all over it. Celebrity pre-flight fashion is where we get our street-style inspiration from. However, not all celebs rock-up to airport primed, prepped and photo-op ready in their chicest attire. Some of them wear trackies, eschewing make-up and styled hair in favour of big hats and comfort. And some even look just like us.
Once you see these totally typical-looking people at the airport who are really famous stars, you'll be doing a double-take at every passerby next time you travel.
Rachel McAdams
Sandra Bullock
Pierce Brosnan
Amanda Peet
Deborra Lee Furness
Deborah Messing
Chevy Chase
Kristen Wiig
Elizabeth Banks
Susan Sarandon
Geena Davis
Melissa McCarthy
Sally Field
Sigourney Weaver
Julia Louis Dreyfus
This article originally appeared on our sister site Woman's World.