8 movie and TV locations you can actually visit

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By Amber Elias
You've seen all the seasons, you've read all the books, but you still want to be closer to your favourite character.
Some of our most-loved shows and movies film in real locations, and we have tracked them down so you can visit them on your next holiday.
After all, one way to feel closer is to get closer.

1. Outlander

Outlander fans will remember this castle from season one as Jamie's family home. You can visit the 16th-century tower house called Midhope Castle in Abercorn, Scotland. Although the exterior is relatively intact, inside the castle is derelict and in disrepair. Midhope Castle is also on private land, so visitors must obtain a pass to view the property.

2. Poldark

Botallack mine in Cornwall is a key location for the TV show Poldark. It's the Poldark family mine in the show, but tourists can enjoy the ruins along the jagged coastline.

3. Lord of the Rings

If you're a Lord of the Rings loyalist, make New Zealand your next destination for all things Hobbit. Stop by Matamata to see The Shire, and relive the magic in the iconic area.

4. Downton Abbey

If you're missing your Downton Abbey fix, pay a visit to the iconic Highclere Castle in West Berkshire, England. The castle dates back to 1838 and has been a hospital, private house, orphanage and is now a events venue open to the public.

5. The Sound of Music

The classic film The Sound of Music was filmed all over Austria, but the song 16 going on 17 was shot in the gazebo at Hellbrunn Palace, Salzburg, Austria.

6. Skyfall

James Bond fans will remember this scene from Skyfall, but you can visit the real bridge called Varda Viaduct in Turkey.

7. Kings Landing

The capital city in Game of Thrones, Kings Landing is actually filmed in Mdina, Malta. This historic city sits on a hill and overlooks the surrounding area.

8. Harry Potter

Harry Potter was filmed all over the UK, but the dining hall at Christ Church College in Oxford is one of the most memorable locations as the dining hall at Hogwarts.