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Travel hacks for travelling light

Start your travels on the right foot with these handy hints that'll help you pack smart and make your journey less of a burden on your back.

When you travel, you’ll quickly learn this one inescapable truth, carry-on baggage can be a real pain.
We’ve all seen those jet-setters at the terminal, frantically pulling items out of their bag to get it under the weight restrictions, and we’ve all stood waiting for that person trying to squeeze their just-that-little-bit-too-big bag into the overhead compartments.
And there’s nothing worse than lugging your wardrobe from one city to the next.
So before you set sail, here are a few top tips to turn even the most senseless tourist into a savvy traveller.
Carry That Weight
Bags are a burden. The wrong one will make you feel like a pack mule. The right one will feel like it’s not even there.
The key is lightweight. Fabric backpacks are the easiest and lightest option, and will be able to go anywhere no matter the terrain.
Handles and wheels can lighten the load, but consider where you’re going.
Paved sidewalks are an unaffordable luxury in some countries, and if the wheels jam, you’ll be left with nothing more than a heavy box with zippers.
Layer Up!
A sure-fire way to make sure you stay under the carry on weight limit is to wear your heaviest items (jackets, jumpers, boots, etc) and layer up.
Once on-board, switch to lighter clothes (it’s going to be a long flight) and no one’s the wiser.
Wear, Wash, and Ready to Go
Keep things simple and follow the rule of three.
Three pairs of socks, underwear and shirts will keep your baggage down and your style on a simple rotation of wear one, wash one and having one ready to go.
Plus it’ll make it much easier to keep socks in their pairs! Durable but lightweight shoes are the key. Ziera have plenty of options that are practical and fashionable.
Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush
Leave the shampoo, conditioner, body wash, facial scrub, and moisturiser at home.
Almost every hotel will provide them complimentary, and someone’s always leaving them behind in hostels.
Towels eat up a lot of space, and will also be available almost everywhere you stay, though sometimes for a small fee. Turkish cotton towels are the best option as they are thin lightweight and fast drying.
The only essentials are the three 'T's: Toothbrush, Tampons and Toilet paper.
Digital Details
Smartphones and tablets are a better companion on the road than a bulky laptop.
And don’t bother buying an adapter, you’ll find boxes of them at almost every hotel and hostel in the world thanks to forgetful travellers.
But keep it simple, apart from a camera and a phone for emergencies, a notebook, a map and a good novel or mag is all you’ll need.
Repurpose with a Purpose
Frisbees are not only a good ice breaker in international relations, but also a protective shield in your bag, a plate, writing tray and a dry seat.
The key to lightweight travel is packing items that have multiple uses.
Sarongs work as a towel, a blanket, a picnic rug and a changing curtain.
The right bag will carry what you need and work well as a (if somewhat lump) pillow. Your carry-on might be limited, but your imagination isn’t!
Save the Souvenirs
Gifts for others are a nice idea, but usually an unnecessary one. This is your trip! Souvenirs will only remind people of the trip they didn’t go one.
If you want to get something, a personal message on postcards are simple and far more appreciated than a bottle opener.
The best gift you can give your loved ones is the knowledge that you’re having the trip of a lifetime.
After all, no gift is going to subdue the envious looks your photos are going to get!
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