This is the world's sexiest city for a weekend break

Respondents said they had sex up to 8 times in one weekend at this location.

By Anna Brech
Holidays are a time of carefree abandon, especially when it comes to the romantic rite of a weekend break.
And it turns out the most highly-charged destination for a quick getaway à deux is a mere two-hour flight away (if you're in the UK, that is).
Barcelona has been identified as the sexiest city in the world for a passionate escape, according to a new study by online travel agency
The city - famed for its glorious architecture, cobbled streets and vibrant restaurant scene - beat other famously romantic hot spots, including New York and Paris, in the snap poll.
Researchers at quizzed over 2,000 Britons about the breaks they'd been on with a partner in the past 12 months; and how amorous those holidays were.
They found that the average time for a weekend break is three nights, and that Spain's second-largest city is apparently the best for spreading the love and stoking up a little chemistry.
Couples who headed to this culturally-rich metropolis on the northeast coast of Spain had sex an average of eight times over three days.
This beat Rome, where lovers had sex on average six times during a weekend break, and Amsterdam, at five times.
"Paris and Rome are traditionally known as really romantic cities, but it seems that Barcelona has taken the crown now as the place where holidaymakers feel most frisky," said Chris Clarkson, Managing Director of
From the dynamic Las Ramblas - packed with street performers, cafés and boutiques - to city beaches and world-class modern art from the likes of Picasso, Gaudí, and Miró - Barcelona certainly has a lot to offer the estimated 32 million tourists who wander its sun-dappled streets every year.
And now we know it holds that certain je ne sais quoi in the bedroom department too, there's even more reason to pop by this European gem.
Take a look at the top 10 sexiest cities as identified in the new poll, below, and get booking that next getaway pronto.

The sexiest cities for a weekend break

  • Barcelona – 8 times*
  • New York – 7 times
  • Paris – 7 times
  • Rome – 6 times
  • Amsterdam – 5 times
  • Reykjavik – 5 times
  • Lisbon – 4 times
  • Dubai – 3 times
  • Prague – 3 times
  • Madrid – 3 times
*Number of times respondents had sex with their partner over the duration of their city break
This article was originally posted on Grazia UK and republished here with full permission.