Click Frenzy Travel Sale: One of the biggest travel sales of the year is happening tomorrow!

Over 700 deals and only 24 hours to book them.

By Holly Royce
The Click Frenzy travel sale is running from 7pm Tuesday, August 22 - 7pm Wednesday, August 23.
The brand is known for its online sales, and this one is the biggest of the bunch.
The Click Frenzy sale will feature over 100 brands, have over 700 deals including flight, holiday packages, accommodation and even cruises and insurance.
Grant Arnott, co-founder of Click Frezny says 2017 released the following statement:
"With the deals and brands we have lined up, we're expecting more than a million customers over 24 hours to rock our Click Frenzy Travel website and set a new record for travel bookings. "We have a huge range of iconic Australian and international travel brands lined up to offer exceptional deals for Australian consumers, who are going to go overboard for 24 hours online."
For those in the market for a cheap and exciting cruise experience - you won't be disappointed.
These are just a taste of some of the deals that will be featured tomorrow.
  • 7 night Japan cruise with one night in Shanghai, China from $1099
  • 9 night Japan and China cruise with free upgrade to Balcony Stateroom, $1799 with
    flights included
  • 7 night Caribbean cruise from $699 per person – save $540 per person
  • Save up to $3000 per person on European river cruises

A word of warning before a cheap flight...

With budget airlines all over the world dropping their prices right now and more set to have these extreme sales we spoke to Travel Insurance Direct's Phil Sylvester (Travel Safety Expert) who has pulled together a list of five things travellers need to know about their budget trip.
Be quick!
Usually there is an allocated number of seats, in Tigerair's recent $1 sale there was only 13,000.
These 13,000 seats will sell out quickly so speed is a must.
Offload the kids
The cheap return flights are for late January to late March – exactly when the kids are back for Term 1 2018.
So unless you're single, or can get the grandparents to do drop-off you're not going to be able to take advantage of the sale.
No free perks
On a $1 flight, especially on a budget airline there is no free seat allocations, free baggage, credit card fees or even meals (may vary).
Travellers should be prepared that the $1 may in fact cost more then $1 - always read the fine print.
Be flexible
If you absolutely have to be back home at a certain time on a certain day beware that budget airlines don't have the best track record on reliability.
A plane breaks down and they don't have a spare to roll out of the hangar, so you'll have to wait until it's back in service, and that might mean missing a deadline.
Get travel insurance
Yes, even for domestic travel.
You don't need medical coverage, but you might need cover for cancellation and delayed flights.
Always get a few quotes rather than ticking the box on the airline site, it will most likely be cheaper to buy elsewhere.