Spa review: Noosa Springs Resort

Tucked away in the national park just a few kilometres from Hastings Street, Noosa Springs Resort is the perfect spot for some holiday indulgence.

As a couple we opted to sample the excellent looking spa, but there is also a first-class golf course for any husbands looking to play a few holes rather than humour their wives by relaxing in the luxurious facilities.
Arriving at lunchtime, we booked in for the Half Day Spa Escape. After slipping into our swimmers we were guided to the impressive Romanesque hydro-massage pool. The pool comprises something of an obstacle course of therapy, where you make your way past various water jets that pummel and massage you from toe to head as you make your way round.
As you pass along the first stretch, you are eased in as gentle jets tickle your feet and ankles. Next, stronger jets massage your calves and thighs. But it is at the end of the first length that the big guns are deployed. Two huge underwater jets target your gluts with such force you can practically sit in the water on top of them — quite a sensation.
Next comes a giant tap a metre out of the water that shoots an intense spray that thunders down on your back. Depending on how you like it you can position yourself either under water or out to control the intensity. Then there are the massage chairs where gentle jets work your lower back and arms before a stand up station works the rest of your back.
With our bodies well and truly loosened up we retired to the sauna and steam room to sweat out toxins before moving to the well-presented couples' massage room for our hour-long treatments. Under the expert hands of our masseuses, we were treated to a gentle Swedish massage working out the knots and stiffness from our whole bodies, starting with our feet, moving up the legs, working the back and shoulders, the arms and hands and finally the neck and head. Fully relaxed and recharged, we enjoyed a fruit refreshment and headed on our way.
For more information, visit www.noosasprings.com.au.
The $145 per person package includes: thermal suite with hydro massage and steam experience, infrared sauna and blitz shower (55 minutes); choice of a full-body massage (55 minutes) or tropical enzyme boost facial (55 minutes) or sugar scrub (55 minutes); as well as complimentary fruit juice or herbal teas.

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