15 pictures that will make you want to move to Canada right now

From ice hotels and spectacular sunsets to bagels and cute-as-a-button bear cubs, you need to see these pictures.

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Canada is having a moment right now. Of course, a large part of that is thanks to Justin Trudeau. The popular PM is largely considered to be a knight in shining maple syrup armour, both for his progressive political views and his hard-to-miss handsomeness. However Canada's own natural beauty cannot be underplayed. We caught glimpses of local and traditional tourist hotspots along the Royal tour, but it's these 15 pictures of everyday Canadian life and under-the-radar places that truly have us ready to pack our bags and hotfoot it over there.
It doesn't get much cuter than this. Two playful bear cubs just having fun splashing around at the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia. We want to play too, you guys!
How's that for an amazing autumn shot? Canada is full of gorgeous autumnal tones and the distinct rustle of crisp leaves, best experienced kayaking in New Brunswick.
This picture is peace and quiet personified. We want to be a part of it immediately. You too? Head straight for the quaint village of Lunenburg in Nova Scotia. And relax.
Is it just us or does this view from Coliseum Mountain in Vancouver 's Lynn Headwaters Regional Park trump your Saturday morning yoga spot?
You might not know it, but Montreal is famous for its bagels. Cooked in wood-fired ovens, they have a delicious crispy crunch and a slightly denser texture to their NYC counterparts. They're also slightly sweeter and smaller, too. And photos like this make us want to move to Montreal and eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner!
A soak in steamy spring waters surrounded by beautiful scenery? That's just your average day at British Columbia's Whiteswan Lake Provincial Park. How's the serenity!
Much is made of Canada's turquoise waters, but why doesn't anyone tell you that you'll find Hogsmeade-style streets in Old Quebec that are full of European charm?
The colourful Palais des congrès de Montréal is the prettiest (and surely most-photographic) convention centre we ever did see. The perfect backdrop for some memorable family snaps.
Wow. Just wow. Peggy's Cove lighthouse is the star attraction of this quaint fishing village and we can see why. This idea of a wander to the famous lighthouse followed by some fresh local lobster has us packing our bags already!
How cute are the houses in St. John's? It looks like the happiest town ever thanks to the multi-coloured vibrant facades of the Newfoundland buildings. We could definitely see ourselves living here.
This Ice Hotel in Quebec City is nothing short of magical. Little ones will enjoy sledding about their very own Frozen palace, while you can hit the Nordic relaxation area for a spa beneath the stars.
Railway station or restaurant? This picturesque heritage rail station (Lake Louise Train Station) has been converted into a restaurant complete with Delamere dining car out back. Order the famous mac 'n cheese and take in the mountain view.
The murals of Montréal are legendary. While everyone else is at the Basilique Notre-Dame, wander around and take in some of the impressive street art that's free and fabulous.
Head to Yellowknife for more perfect photo ops than you've got space for in your camera roll! It's the best place in the world to view the aurora borealis, aka the Northern Lights.
If you're lucky, you might catch a herd of caribou as they migrate south for winter. Such an amazing sight.
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