Google’s new safety app offers peace of mind to loved ones

The technology means a parent, friend or family member can see your location in an emergency, even if you're out of range.

Google knows that safety always comes first.
Currently available on Android with an Apple version to come, Google’s new app Trusted Contacts allows a user to share their location with select loved ones anytime, anywhere.
You start by adding a network of trusted contacts (hence the name) from your address books. When you then hit the road for whatever reason – perhaps you're taking a jog or walking home from a Christmas party – you can choose to share your location at the touch of a button.
Upon reaching safety, you can turn off Location Sharing, giving those virtually walking you home peace of mind in your safe arrival.
Contacts can also see a summary of your activity, which includes the last time you were active on the app and to what percentage your device’s battery is charged.
If contacts feel concerned for whatever reason – say you haven't yet returned home from a supermarket run – they can request your location.
If you fail to respond this request within five minutes, your location will be immediately shared with the worried contact. And if your battery runs out or you lose service, the app will point contacts to your last known location.
“One of our goals is to continually make information accessible and useful. If users have opted in to share location information with Google, we have the opportunity to connect people when it matters the most,” a Google representative shared in a statement to Fortune.
"It basically means then that as long as you've got your phone in your pocket, someone can always find you in case of an emergency,” product manager David Tattersall told Mashable.
“You're always findable."
Google's new app Trusted Contacts mean you'll never walk home alone again. Via: Google

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