The most expensive (and cheapest) holiday destinations for 2017

The study ranked 84 popular tourist hot spots by price.

By Amber Manto
Good news if you’ve booked a holiday to Bulgaria’s capital Sophia this year, you’re about to have a grand cheap time but, if you’re heading off to Zurich then keep on saving.
A recent study by airport transport company Hoppa ranked 84 popular tourist destinations by price, looking at the average cost of a hotel, food and drink, taxis and entertainment per person per day and found the Swiss city topped the list, pipping New York to the top spot.
To stay in Zurich it will cost you on average $275.50 per night, which is quite hefty when you compare it to Sydney which will only set you back $170.43 a night (although we do question which bargain hotel they were basing this on but anyway...)

Let's break it down further.


New York still tops the list as the most expensive destination to book a room, coming it at a whopping $297 per person per night for an average hotel, taking out the top spot against Zurich which came in at $266. Once again, Bulgaria was the cheapest - there a room will only set you back $60 a night.

Dining out

If you want to grab a bite to eat then once again Zurich is not the place to do it, with a meal for two and drinks at an average restaurant setting you back $186. The cheapest? Saudi Arabia which is a mere $28.80.


You'll get more mileage for your money in Cario, Egypt where a 3km taxi ride will leave you a mere $1.45 out of pocket while the same journey in Zurich will cost you $26.30.
So there you have it. Next time you get yourself in a tizz because the kids are driving you nuts and you're stressed you can't afford a decent holiday (and we're not talking about to the caravan park) just remember anything's possible as long as you book your flights at the cheapest time, choose a bargain destination and live on the cheap when you get there. Bon voyage!