New luxury super-yacht is ladies only

Sail away from all of the troubles that men-folk give you and instead spend your time toasting your success amid a lot of deep opulence and girly gossip on board La Belle.

Doing away with anything overwhelmingly masculine (too bad if you were a lady who quite likes darts as there aren’t any darts or games rooms), facilities include a sauna, hamman, snow room (?), disco club (can you imagine how much Beyonce is going to be played at an all-ladies disco?!) cinema, and so much more, this luxury yacht, La Belle, is a ladies only paradise.
Oh, and there’s also a heli-pad atop which there are plans for a gold helicopter to sit.
As you might expect of an establishment that has a gold helpicopter, it isn’t for the budget conscious. Rather, it’s been designed for the playful millionaire in pursuit of a little 'me time.'
The designer of the luxury yacht, Lydia Bersani, told MailOnline that while she hadn’t yet decided on the final price for the yacht, 'it will not be cheap, I am sure.'
However what price a long and happy life surrounded by your favourite ladies? As 109 year-old Scottish woman Jessie Gallan said last month, her secret to a long life was avoiding men. Add in some luxury spa treatments and stick a (gold plated) fork in us.
We’re done!

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