Here's how you can rent a house on the real Ramsey Street

No pets allowed but, unquestionably drama is encouraged.

By Holly Royce
Calling all Neighbours fans (so, let's face it, all of us): an exciting opportunity to take your uber fan commitment to the next level has arrived!
Do you want your neighbours to become good friends? Well, I guess it depends on who your neighbors are, but we can all agree everybody needs good neighbours.
Moving into the The Robinson family home on **Ramsey Street could be the life/fan hack you've been waiting for.
Those of us in the know are already well aware that Pin Oak Court, Vermont South, Victoria is the real cul-de-sac Ramsay Street is filmed on.
The official address of this property is 6 Pinoak Court in Victoria's, Vermont South, and at just $480 per week it's a steal!
Surely, Paul Robinson himself had to have been involved for a deal this good.
The kitchen. Was Harold was here?
According to the listing the property contains 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and while pets are not allowed, unquestionably drama is encouraged.
The Weekly Times reports the home is is owned by a UK-based Neighbours fanatic who owns a second house on the famous cul-de-sac.
The lounge. What about here, was Harold here?
If there is anyone out there worried about the interference filming may have with living out their Neighbour's role playing dream, don't be.
Mark Week, A Docking Real Estate property management agent explained a bit more about the house making all the fuss - and dashed our dreams in the process.
“The Neighbours people have used it for storage, and for the bathrooms,” he said.
“Apart from that, it’s a typical four-bedroom home in an average court. There’s nothing startling or up-market about it, and we haven’t advertised it as a Neighbours house,” he continued.
“We weren’t sure if we’d get every man and his dog there.”
Mr Week confirms there would be no filming indoors.
“It’s not invasive and they only film there two to three times per week,” he explained.
“And you’ve certainly got security there with a security guard at the court 24/7.”
Hey, $480 a week is a great deal no matter where you house is!
The listing is up on