Cheap holiday ideas: vacation on a budget

The Weekly lists the best budget holiday ideas

Other encouraging factors include that our economy did not go into recession (unlike much of the rest of the world), with the International Monetary Fund predicting modest growth of 0.7 percent in Australia this year. Petrol prices have also come down and discount wars between the airlines have caused very cheap prices, both on airfares and package holidays.
The airlines, hotels and travel companies all around the world want business and fast. And a really good way for them to target customers looking for a good deal is to advertise their special offers on Twitter.
You can follow Wotif (last-minute hotels discounted online), Virgin, Qantas, and most travel companies on Twitter for "Twitter only" specials. Also, if you simply browse newspapers or search online there are amazing offers available to the US, Thailand, Fiji and many other wonderful locations.
You deserve a break and now is as good a time as any to look out for something fun. Just think, once the airfare and accommodation package is paid, living costs are cheaper in many overseas countries than they are here.
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