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Crown Princess Mary’s mini-me: Everything you need to know about her and Frederik's eldest daughter, Princess Isabella

She's even been caught borrowing her mum's clothes.

By Maddison Leach
Prince Christian of Denmark may seem like the most popular of Frederik and Mary's children, but his little sister Princess Isabella is just as intriguing.
The second child and first daughter to the Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Denmark, Isabella is destined to make her mark on the world.
Though she hasn't been in the spotlight quite as much as her older brother, the young royal is the spitting image of her Australian-born mother and bears the names of both of her grandmothers.
Princess Isabella bears a striking resemblance to her mother, Princess Mary, who took this photo. (Image: Danish Royal Family Instagram/Hasse Nielsen)
And after her exciting religious confirmation at the end of April 2022, we're hoping we're about to see a lot more of the young princess.
She was surrounded by family as she attended the special religious service, her parents and siblings all beaming in family photos from the big day.
But mum Mary was supporting Isabella in more ways than one; as well as standing by her side for the occasion, the Crown Princess also let her eldest daughter borrow an outfit from her wardrobe for the event.
Isabella looked heavenly in a white Max Mara jumpsuit and matching blazer previously worn by her mother, with a silver hair comb and glittering earring also from her mum's collection.
The Danish princess borrowed an outfit from her mother's wardrobe for her confirmation in April 2022. (Image: Getty)
And this is far from the first time that lookalike Isabella has raided her fashionable mother's wardrobe - she's been spotted in her mum's recycled pieces more and more lately.
With elder brother Prince Christian away at boarding school, Isabella is stepping into the spotlight more than ever and we can't wait to see what she does next.
Keep an eye on this princess, as she's definitely a young royal to watch as she comes into her own.
Scroll on to find out everything you need to know about Princess Isabella of Denmark.

When was Princess Isabella born?

Born on April 21, 2007, at the Rigshospitalet or Copenhagen University Hospital, Princess Isabella was Mary and Frederik's second child.
She was delivered just over a year after her elder brother, Prince Christian, and there was plenty of speculation about her gender.
Mary had announced her second pregnancy in October 2006, just after Christian's first birthday.
If she gave birth to another boy, it would mean that all the grandchildren born in Queen Margrethe's line would have (until that point) been boys.
When Isabella was born, she became the first Danish princess born in Denmark for over 60 years. The last before her was Queen Anne-Marie, Queen Margrethe's youngest sister who was born in 1946.
Crown Princess Mary cradles Isabella as a baby on her christening day. (Image: Getty)

Why is Princess Isabella’s name special?

Mary and Frederik christened their first daughter Isabella Henrietta Ingrid Margrethe, a name with several special connections.
The name Henrietta is a tribute to Mary's own mother, Henrietta Donaldson, who died in 1997 when Mary was just 25.
Isabella's other middle names, Ingrid and Margrethe are nods to her Danish heritage.
Margrethe is for her grandmother and current Danish monarch, Queen Margrethe II, while Ingrid was for Isabella's great-grandmother Queen Ingrid.
A young Isabella with her granmother, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark. (Image: Getty)

What was Princess Isabella’s childhood like?

Like all Danish royal children, Princess Isabella was baptised at just a few months old.
Her ceremony was held at Fredensborg Palace Chapel on July 1, 2007, and the following year she made her first visit to Australia with her parents and brother.
Just over a year old at the time, Isabella was introduced to the Australian public on the grounds of Government House in Sydney with Prince Christian.
She became a big sister in 2011, when Mary and Frederik welcomed their third and fourth children; twins named Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine.
It wasn't until 2015 that she undertook her first official royal engagement, then aged eight, when she christened a ferry named in her honour in Denmark.
Princess Isabella (far left) waves from a balcony with her parents and siblings in 2018. (Image: Getty)

Where does Princess Isabella attend school?

Like her elder brother, Isabella broke from Danish royal tradition by attending public state school.
She started at Tranegårdskolen in Hellerup in 2013, before attending what was meant to be a 12-week program at the Lemania-Verbier International School in Switzerland in 2020.
The coronavirus pandemic cut those plans short and Isabella, along with her siblings, were withdrawn from the program by their parents.
Mary and Frederik returned to Denmark with their children, who studied remotely during lockdown.
It's unclear if Princess Isabella will follow in her elder brother's footsteps and attend the prestigious Herlufsholm School in Næstved for her final years of study.

What have Princess Isabella’s parents said about her?

When Isabella arrived in 2007, proud dad Frederik couldn't keep himself from telling reporters how happy he was about her birth.
"I feel great joy and great happiness," he said outside the hospital where Mary gave birth.
"They both came very well as you would expect it to be and I can only say it's a relief, but [I'm] full of happiness and love."
Mary seems to have an incredibly close relationship with her eldest daughter too, even letting Isabella borrow from her wardrobe.
On several occasions the 15-year-old has been spotted wearing her mum's clothes or jewellery.
She already looks like Mary's mini-me, but it's even more obvious when she styles herself like her mum too.

Will Princess Isabella be a Queen?

Princess Isabella (right) has inherited her mother's chic sense of style. (Image: Getty)
While Isabella is currently third in line to the Danish throne after her father and elder brother, it's unlikely she'll ever be Queen of Denmark.
When Prince Christian has children, they will take precedence over Isabella in the line of succession.
That means she'll only be queen if Frederik, Christian and his future children are all unable to fill the role of Danish monarch.
However, Isabella could become Queen of another nation through marriage.
Once she's older she will become an eligible young royal bachelorette and though European royal families don't often intermarry these days, it's not unheard of.
There's only a six-year age gap between her and Britain's Prince George… you never know!

Which parent does Isabella take after?

To mark Isabella's 15th birthday on April 21, 2022, the Danish Royal House released official portraits of the young royal. (Image: Instagram/Hasse Nielsen)
To mark Isabella's 15th birthday on April 21, 2022, the Danish Royal House released official portraits of the young royal.
The photos of Isabella proved she is looking more and more like her mother Mary as the years go by.
The timeless portraits taken by photographer Hasse Nielsen captured Isabella posing in a sharp suit, while a black and white close-up showed a profile shot of the young royal.
While Isabella has inherited her mother's facial structure and button nose, some royal watchers also pointed out the striking resemblance she shares with her father Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark.
The princess has taken after her father, sharing the same ocean blue eyes and cheekbones.

When was Princess Isabella confirmed?

The princess attended her confirmation ceremony at the end of April and royal fans were overjoyed to see her supported by her parents and siblings on the big day.
"On Saturday 30 April 2022, Her Royal Highness Princess Isabella will be confirmed in Fredensborg Castle Church," the Danish royal household confirmed in a statement.
"The confirmation will take place at 12.00 by the Royal Confessionary, Bishop Henrik Wigh-Poulsen, and afterwards the Princess will be celebrated privately by family and friends."
There were plenty of family photos from the event, just like when Prince Christian was confirmed in 2021, as well as new solo portraits of Isabella herself.
Princess Isabella poses on the day of her confirmation. (Image: Danish Royal Family Instagram/Franne Voight)
In the days leading up to the occasion, her parents shared a series of touching throwback photos to Instagram alongside a special message.
"How time flies. Tomorrow, our eldest daughter, Princess Isabella, is to be confirmed," they wrote.
"The whole family is looking forward to celebrating her and on the occasion of her big day we would like to share some snapshots from her life."
The crown prince couple couldn't have looked more proud on the big day - see more photos here.

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