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King in training: everything you need to know about Prince Christian of Denmark, Mary and Frederik's dashing eldest son

He's definitely one to watch!

By Maddison Leach
Prince Christian of Denmark made headlines this week as he began his final years of schooling at an elite boarding school near Copenhagen.
People were curious about the young royal's milestone, but they were also drawn in by his charm and good looks.
The eldest son of Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary has clearly inherited his father's handsome features and his mother's good humour.
Not to mention that one day, he will be King of Denmark after his father.
There's no question that Prince Christian inherited both of his parents' good looks. (Franne Voight/Danish Royal Family Instagram)
So who is Prince Christian, and how has the 15-year-old, who is half Australian half Danish, flown under the radar until now?
We've uncovered everything you need to know about this dashing young royal as he gears up to one day be king.
Keep reading for all the details about Princess Mary and Prince Frederik's eldest son

When was Prince Christian born?

The first child of Prince Frederik and Princess Mary, Prince Christian Valdemar Henri John was born on October 15, 2005.
Mary gave birth just before 2am at in Rigshospitalet, the Copenhagen University Hospital, in Denmark.
In his first few days, Christian suffered from neonatal jaundice that gave his skin a slight yellow tinge.
The condition is fairly common and usually harmless, but he was examined by doctors and received light treatment before making a full recovery.
As the first Danish royal heir born since his father in 1968, there was much celebration around Denmark – and some in Australia – when Christian arrived.
Princess Mary gave birth to her first son on October 15, 2005. (Getty)

Why is Prince Christian’s name special?

Frederik and Mary followed royal tradition when naming their son.
In Denmark, each king alternates between the names Frederik and Christian, meaning a son born to Crown Prince Frederik would be called – you guessed it – Christian.
If Prince Christian grows up to have a son of his own, he could choose to continue the tradition and name the child Frederik.
In a touching tribute to her Australian roots, Princess Mary also gave a nod to her father John Donaldson in Christian's middle name.

What was Prince Christian’s childhood like?

Christian was baptised at just over three months old, on January 21, 2006 in Christiansborg Palace Chapel.
Months later, the royal bub would make his first visit to Australia at the end of 2006, when he was just over a year old.
Prince Christian was christened on January 21, 2006 in a special royal ceremony. (Getty)
However, Mary and Frederik chose to keep their son's upbringing relatively private in his early years.
Their 2006 visit to Australia was a private one, with the young family travelling to Tasmania to visit Mary's relatives rather than undertaking an official royal tour.
In fact, it wasn't until 2012 that Prince Christian would attend his first official royal engagement with his grandmother, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark.
Just six years old at the time, the young royal stole hearts across Denmark and Australia.

Where did Prince Christian attend school?

Mary and Frederik broke away from Danish royal tradition when they decided to enrol their son at preschool in 2007.
He is the first Danish royal heir to attend preschool and went on to break more traditions when he started "big school" in 2011.
Mary and Frederik broke tradition by sending their eldest son to a public school. (Getty)
That year, Christian became the first Danish royal to attend a public state school, Tranegårdskolen in Hellerup, his siblings following suit in the years that followed.
At the start of 2020, all four of the royal children began what was supposed to be a 12-week program at the Lemania-Verbier International School in Switzerland.
However, just weeks into their studies the coronavirus pandemic hit and their parents soon withdrew them and returned to Denmark.
Now Christian has begun the final years of his education at Herlufsholm School in Næstved, where he will be boarding with other students.

What have Prince Christian’s parents said about the young royal?

Prince Frederik opened up about his son's arrival in the days after Christian was born, revealing he cried when Mary delivered their son.
"You don't stand there and act like Superman," he told the newspaper BT.
"We [men] can't in our wildest dreams imagine what happens for the woman."
Frederik also told reporters that baby Christian would sleep "within an arm's length" of his and Mary's bed.
Meanwhile Princess Mary has kept mum about, well, being a mum.
Though it's obvious that she adores each of her children and shares a special bond with her eldest son, she rarely share details with the public about Christian.
Frederik and Mary clearly shared a special bond with their eldest son from his youngest years. (Getty)

Will Prince Christian be King one day?

Yes! Christian is currently second in line to the Danish throne after his father.
Prince Frederik will take up the role of Kind of Denmark when his own mother, Queen Margrethe II, 81, steps down or dies.
When that happens, Christian will become his heir apparent and ramp up his training to one day be king.
His younger sister Princess Isabella is currently third in line to the throne after Christian, but when he has children she will be bumped down.

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