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Who do Princess Charlene and Prince Albert's adorable twin children most resemble? New family photos make it obvious

Do they have a little bit of Grace Kelly in them?

Princess Charlene was recognised for her striking good looks long before she wed Prince Albert of Monaco and became a royal.
Now she's passed her high cheekbones and captivating stare onto her two children, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, who are looking more and more like their mum by the day.
The twins, both seven, look like Charlene's 'mini-me's in new family photos from a day out together, but they've inherited plenty of their dad's features too.
Charlene has passed on some of her best features to her children. (Image: Getty)
Photos of Charlene cuddled up to her children show that they have her facial structure and cheeks, with Jacques inheriting her bright blonde hair too.
Meanwhile Gabriella appears to have taken after her dad with a head of mousy brown locks, and both children have smiles that look just like Prince Albert's.
In fact, they seem to have his eyes too and the resemblance between the prince and his twins is even more obvious when they smile.
Of course, with their teenage years still a long way off the children may come to look more like one parent than the other, but for the time being they seem to be a pretty even mix of their royal mum and dad.
The similarities between Jacques and his dad are clear. (Image: Getty)
Perhaps all the time the twins spend with their mum will see them pick up some of her trademark mannerisms too, or even her edgy style.
"She's very eager to be with her children at all times. She's up with the kids at six and takes them through the morning. Every day," Albert told People of his wife in 2015.
But Jacques and Gabriella also inherited some very famous genes from another relative; Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco.
Though she died before they were born, Grace passed on some of her beauty to her grandchildren.
Do you think the twins resemble Grace Kelly as a child? (Image: Getty)
Perhaps Gabriella will look more like her grandmother over time. (Image: Getty)
It's easy to see a resemblance between her and the twins when comparing current photos of Jacques and Gabriella to photos of Grace around the same age.
And while the similarities aren't all that obvious yet, some photos of Princess Gabriella capture a similar air of elegance Grace was so well-known for.
We'll just have to keep watching them grow to see if these royal children look any more like their famous Hollywood grandmother as time goes by.