The most eligible single royals from around the world!

For all you future Princess Marys, here’s where you should be looking!

By Katie Skelly
Once upon a time, Princess Mary was just Mary Donaldson, and Duchess Catherine? Well, she went by Kate Middleton.
We bet these now-royals never guessed in their wildest dreams that they would one day be donning sparkling crowns and waving as elegantly as the Queen to crowds of royal spotters all over the world.
These women put some real truth to the saying "right place, right time", because if Mary hadn't have been sitting at Sydney's The Slip Inn bar that fateful night that Prince Frederik walked in, then she would perhaps never be the Crown Princess.
And if Kate didn't happen to enroll in the same university course as her now-husband, she might never have given birth to the two cutest royals, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.
Since many of us dream about a chance meeting like Kate's or Mary's, we thought we would make it easier for you by highlighting the top ten single royals to keep an eye out for.
Click through the gallery to discover your future royal spouse!

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