The next generation of Queens

Meet the Princesses who will one day rule Europe.

The pages of history have long been dominated by Kings. Since as early as 2900BC, Kings have ruled kingdoms from the Mediterranean to modern Europe. Women, however, have been the exception – not the rule. We have glimpsed some powerful Queens throughout time; Queen Nefertiti ruled Egypt, Queen Elizabeth I the ‘Virgin Queen’ was a formidable monarch, and even our own current Queen Elizabeth II holds her own.
But with the coming generation of monarchs, the tides are set to turn. No longer will women be the minority in the European monarchies, they will be in equal numbers to the boys. The rule. Not the exception.
Out of 10 inheritable monarchies, women will rule five. The Princesses of the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Spain and Norway will join Prince Christian of Denmark, Prince Jacques of Monaco, Prince William of Britain, Prince Alois of Liechtenstein, and the Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume of Luxembourg.
Meet the Princesses who will one day rule Europe.

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