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The Monaco twins help spread Christmas joy around the palace

The too-cute-to-handle royal twins have stolen the spotlight once again this festive season!

By Candice Mehta-Culjak
Just days after their second birthday, the royal twins, Jacques and Gabriella, have helped their parents distribute a little Christmas cheer around the halls and grounds of the Monaco royal palace.
The adorable duo were seen walking hand-in-hand with parents Prince Albert and Princess Charlene, as they handed Christmas presents to a select few lucky children – an annual event at the palace.
The outing marks the first occasion the royal twins have attended the event.
Prince Jacques and his magnificent blue eyes have certainly made a habit of stealing the spotlight!
Gabriella was rugged up for the weather, wearing a navy fur trim coat, white ribbed tights and burgundy-coloured ankle boots.
Her brother Jacques also sported a navy coat, pairing his with a fun pair of charcoal jeans and blue sneakers.
The pair were well-behaved on the outing, except for a few tears as Princess Gabriella was frightened by the sight of a large white rabbit.
Unlike his sister, Princess Gabriella, Jacques seems unperturbed by the large white rabbit.
Charlene, 38, and Albert, 58, alternated between tending to each child.
It’s been a busy few weeks for the royal twins! On December 10, the precious brother-sister duo celebrated their second birthday.
Speaking recently of his children, Prince Albert told People his little ones were thriving!
Proud dad Albert, who has two other children from previous relationships, says his twins are thriving.
"The kids are great. They’re running around everywhere, still jumping in and out of the pool up at the ranch [Roc Agel] on a day like today when it’s still warm enough here," he explained to the publication.
“They’re still all smiling and laughing. I still haven’t seen any tantrums, though those are probably coming, but for now, they’re very sweet and alert."
As for their personalities, the 58-year-old says they're becoming quite the characters.
Jacques always has his eye on the camera!
“Jacques, for the moment, is a little boy of very few words. If he wants you to pick him up, he’ll say, ‘Up!’ and then he’ll say, ‘Down,’ but he’s not into using full sentences."
“Gabriella, like a lot of little girls, and is more talkative than her brother - both in English and French. She encountered the phrase ‘c’est pas possible!’ (‘it’s not possible’) and has picked that up pretty quickly. That one I’m certain it’s going to serve her really well later on in life."

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