Sweden's Princess Estelle celebrates her sixth birthday with a royal sugar rush

An adorable round-up of the sweetest youngsters from the world's most regal families.

While Prince George may be the King of Cuteness and Princess Charlotte the Queen of Personality, their cousins Mia Tindall, Isla Phillips and Savannah Phillips sure do give them a run for their money!
With that in mind, we can't barely wait for the arrival of Prince William and Duchess Catherine's third little prince or princess in April.
But it's not just the British Royal Family that have adorable offspring...
2017 saw the exciting addition Prince Gabriel of Sweden, who was born in September and is now sixth-in-line to the throne.
Of course, our beloved Danish royals have an Aussie sprinkling in the mix thanks to their mum Princess Mary's Tassie lineage.
And in Bhutan, His Royal Highness The Gyalsey, who was born in February 2016, has won the hearts of his people.
Check out the gallery to see all royal cuties from around the world!

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