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Is Queen Margrethe of Denmark dating? Inside the 80-year-old's colourful life away from the cameras

The charismatic royal's itinerary is always full of events and glamour.

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark is nothing short of an icon.
Having served on the Danish throne for more than 45 years, the charismatic Monarch has lived a colourful life that's led to her much admired status she firmly holds today.
Of course, her 50-year marriage to Henrik, Prince Consort of Denmark certainly added to that.
The pair were an unstoppable, vibrant force where the royals were concerned, and his passing in February 2018, aged 83, was felt widely as the Queen continued her reign without her right-hand man at her side.
In the two years since Henrik passed away, which came after he was diognosed with dementia and hospitalised with pneumonia, we've watched Margrethe hold her head high and remain strong as the nation's formidable monarch.
Indeed, 80-year-old Margrethe is known for her colourful, charming nature - she takes to events like a certified pro (which as a royal, she technically is), remaining the life of the party and drawing eyeballs a-plenty.
But what goes on behind the scenes of the lenses fixed sharply on the Monarch? We took a look at her life outside of her glamour-filled royal appearances.
Queen Margrethe has been a formidable presence in the Danish Monarchy for more than 45 years. (Getty)

Does Queen Margrethe have a boyfriend?

Age is nothing but a number for Queen Margrethe, her numerous appearances and general animated demeanour has certainly seen to that.
But has she taken her liveliness and thirst for life and launched herself back into the dating scene?
According to reports, maybe.
Danish publication Her & Nu certainly made reference to the feat when the Queen was pictured in December 2019 with a close friend Count Gustaf Trolle-Bonde.
The 76-year-old Swedish Count has apparently been a permanent fixture within Margrethe and Henrik's circles for many years, having been a regular on their guest list for a multitude of royal parties.
The publication claims Trolle-Bonde is an "expert in crafts and cultural history," and worked in London at an auction house for a number of years.
Margrethe, pictured here with her late husband Prince Consort Henrik, has continued to shine against the odds in the years following his sad passing. (Getty)
While visiting London in December 2019, Trolle-Bonde and Margrethe were spotted leaving a hotel in Chelsea.
While they were there, the pair also spent time viewing a Leonardo da Vinci exhibition at The National Gallery.
It certainly sounds like a lovely date idea - but whether there is any more to the pair's relationship remains to be seen.
Margarethe keeps up with a hectic royal schedule like a certified pro. (Getty)

What is Queen Margrethe's royal schedule like?

With a diary like Margrethe's we'd be well and truly surprised if she were finding time to date in between engagements.
Indeed the Queen of Denmark keeps very busy as she attends engagements a-plenty as part of her royal duties.
But obliged to or not, there's no denying Princess Mary's mother-in-law is every bit as happy to attend countless events as she looks to be.
From frequent visits to parliament, to partaking in panels, to walking the red carpet at premieres, festivals and other ceremonies, this 80-year-old is one unstoppable woman.
The Queen is frequently spotted out and about at public engagements. (Getty)

What are Queen Margrethe's hobbies?

In April 2019, fans were given a rare insight into what seems to be a rather unique hobby of the Queen's - singing.
For her 79th birthday on April 17 the Danish royals, including Crown Princess Mary and Margrethe's son Prince Frederik joined her in a balcony singing performance, where the Queen showed off her brilliant performing talent.
During the stirring display, the Queen was seen raising her hand with enthusiasm, which was promptly copied by Mary and Frederik's two youngest children, Josephine and Vincent, both aged eight.
Watch the moment in the player below:
According to HELLO!, Margrethe is also a big fan of painting.
Her works have even appeared before our very eyes in the iconic book trilogy The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien - under the pseudonym Ingahild Grathmer, Magarethe's artwork was used in the Danish editions of the novels.
With all of this in mind, there's really no denying it - Queen Margrethe is a fascinating woman, and she's clearly got plenty more to bring!
Margrethe illustrated parts of the Danish version of The Lord of the Rings trilogy under the pseudonym Ingahild Grathmer. (The Lord of the Rings)

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