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Buckle up, we're going on a road trip with Princess Mary in Western Australia!

The south-west region of Western Australia has something almost magical about it, and now it’s finally getting the royal treatment it deserves.

By Blake Nadilo
What’s an Aussie Christmas holiday without a family road trip?
Princess Mary - who is Down Under for the festive season with her family for the first time since she married Prince Frederik in 2002 - knows there's nothing better, and has taken to the roads of Western Australia with her four kids and hubby.
An despite their car being filled with future kings, princesses and princes, we're pretty sure that, just like for everyone else, there's bound to be a few arguments over what to play on the radio.
Mary, Fred, and their four children touched down in Perth two weeks ago to visit the future Queen's brother. Now, it appears they'e embarked on a road trip across the picturesque south-west region of our westernmost state.
The royals have been keeping the locals entertained with unexpected appearances in random locations across the expanse rural area.
Sightings of the brood has almost turned into a game for the tiny townships scattered across the region, and so far they’ve been placed in the gourmet food and wine hub Margaret River, Bridgetown and Ravensthorpe.
Princess Mary waited in line just like everyone else at the famous Margaret River Chocolate Factory.
No good road trip is complete without stopping off at a small town bakery every chance you get though, which is exactly what Mary and Fred’s family did.
Deb Grey from the Cowaramup bakery was dumbfounded when she saw Prince Frederik and his brother in-law John Donaldson pop in for a coffee.
“He was such a lovely and down to earth man... Mary was waiting in the car and he came in with three of the kids and Mary's brother,” she told the Daily Mail.
Princess Mary enjoyed some down time with her family, including a very a cute Princess Josephine!
“Every girl wants to meet a prince and it was all so fun... he was so nice and willing to take a picture with me, the kids were dancing around as well - they were all just so lovely,” she added.
Gnowangerup IGA also got an unexpected visit from the royals as they popped in to pick up some treats.
“They were buying some snacks - some Hubba Bubba bubblegum for the kids and some chips and they were gone!,” the owner, John Rigg, told Daily Mail.
He also revealed that the mum-of-four was driving herself and the family while they were part of a larger entourage of cars – presumably their security.
The most recent sightings come after December 6, when the future Queen visited the Margaret River Chocolate Factory with her extended family.
But there was no fuss made over Mary, as pictures surfaced showing her waiting patiently in line for her choccy goodies just like everyone else.
The Danish royals are expected to finish off their time in WA shorty before heading off to Tasmania to spend Christmas in Mary’s native Hobart.

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