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New photo of Crown Princess Mary's daughter Josephine proves she's growing into the spitting image of her mum

The young Danish royal is taking after her mum in more ways than one.

By Jess Pullar
Crown Princess Mary has shared a new video of her nine-year-old twins - and one of them looks to be taking after her mum in quite the uncanny way.
Over the weekend, the 48-year-old shared the clip to the official Danish royal Instagram account with a personalised caption that immediately sent fans buzzing - and it's not hard to see why, when you consider how rarely we see this side of the royals.
With two images of the twins Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine playing a game of tennis, and a short video clip that proves how well they've perfected the art of the sport, Mary wrote in Danish, "Min mands kærlighed til tennis er givet videre til alle".
The phrase roughly translates to: "My husband's love of tennis is passed on to everyone."
There's certainly no denying that - Vincent and Josephine are in their element as they serve up and return shots like mini pros.
Princess Mary's twins have a love for tennis - not unlike another royal family... (Instagram / @detdanskekongehus)
Of course, Mary's words referencing her husband and children also ring true for another well known royal family -the Cambridges.
It was just last week that Duchess Catherine helped create a new video for the Wimbledon Championships, which have sadly been cancelled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Kate's love for the sport, which extends to her own children (and Prince George particularly) is no secret - so we can't quite safely say tennis is one hundred per cent royal approved!
The Danish royal children look like certified pros on the tennis court. (Instagram / @detdanskekongehus)
Kate and Wills' kids are also big fans of outdoor sports (Getty)
There was another element to the image that fans couldn't quite get past - Princess Josephine's uncanny likeness to her mum Princess Mary.
The young royal is looking all grown up now, and there's something about that smile that looks very familiar...
Princess Mary's youngest daughter is looking more and more like her by the day! (L-R Getty, Instagram)
The Danish royals are currently enjoying the European summer at Gråsten Palace, which is where they usually stay during the summer in the Jutland region of Denmark.
It's been an interesting few months for the royals as they isolated in their home country amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.
We're beginning to see a little more of Mary and husband Frederik as they start to return to work in-person as restrictions ease.
Though in the meantime, they're sure to be enjoying some down time in the sun with their four children, the eldest of whom are Prince Prince Christian, aged 14, Princess Isabella, aged 13.
And who knows, perhaps a mini family tennis tournament is on the cards?
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