International Royals

Crown Princess Mary, Crown Princess Victoria and more European royals share a Zoom call for a very important catch up

The international regals had plenty to discuss.

By Jess Pullar
When one thinks of the Royal Family, one's mind might go directly to the British royals.
But of course, there's a whole array of international royal families out there - our own Aussie-turned royalty Crown Princess Mary leads one of them.
In the perfect reminder that the European royals are just as exciting and unique in their own ways, the Crown Princes and Princesses of Denmark, Sweden and Norway joined in a Zoom call together - and it was the image of pure, blissful wholesomeness.
Sharing the pictures to Instagram, the Danish royal Palace shared two snaps of Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik talking to Crown Pricess Victoria of Sweden with her husband Prince Daniel, alongside Crown Prince Haakon and his wife Mette-Marit, Crown Princess of Norway.
The European royals shared a surprise Zoom call together. (Kongehuset)
So what do royals discuss on such an occasion? Why, family life of course.
The Danish Palace explained each couple had paged in from their respective homes in each country - with the families and parents each sharing an update about their families.
They also discussed their patronages and the work they're continuing to do with each.
"The couples ended the conversation by looking forward to being able to meet again across national borders," The Palace finished.
The call was filled with vibrant and uplifting anecdotes, by the sounds of things. (Kongehuset)
The European royals have been unable to travel very much within the past 12 months as the COVID-19 pandemic has continued.
In pre-COVID times, the royals would frequently travel and attend events together, including glamorous banquets and royal tours.
Having such a presence in other countries isn't for nothing - this is how the royals continue to retain solid relationships and fan-bases with neighbouring communities, as well as in their own homeland.
With royal tours being completely off the cards amidst the pandemic, Zoom calls have been the go-to - which is apt for ourselves given the relativity it has to our own lives.
It's not uncommon for European royals to travel and work together - at least, it was common pre-COVID. (Getty)
Over the next few months as the vaccine continues to roll out, it's expected the royals will stay within the radius of their home countries.
But eventually, when international travel is back on the cards, you can bet there'll be many a royal reunion that calls for the perfect photo opp.
For now? We suppose a Zoom call will suffice - stay tuned!

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