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Princess Mary and Prince Frederik honour soldiers at Flag Day Parade

Princess Mary and Prince Frederik paid their respects on Denmark’s special day of national pride.

By Elizabeth Best
Prince Frederik and Princess Mary took a moment to honour military personnel at Denmark’s Flag Day events in Copenhagen.
September 5 is an official day to pay respect to Denmark’s deployed soldiers and it is marked by a variety of ceremonies and events nationwide.
The Crown Prince and Princess visited the Citadel for an emotional wreath laying ceremony at a monument erected in the honour of lost or fallen personnel.
Then the pair took a moment, before they proceeded to a memorial service at the Church of Holmen to reflect on the sacrifices made by their brave men and women.
Mary and Frederik at the moving service.
The royal couple were escorted to their seats for the parade.
Frederik and Mary paid their respects at the parade.
Both Frederik and Mary looked incredibly proud of their country as they acknowledged the reason for flying the Danish flags high on this important day.
Following the service, Princess Mary and Prince Frederik were escorted by members of the military to their exclusive vantage point for a parade at Christiansborg Palace Square marking the occasion.
Mary looked as though she charmed everyone she spoke to at the events.
She looked affected by the touching proceedings.
The 44-year-old looked stunning as she presided over the events as a guest of honour, outfitted in a black and white patterned skirt, black cardigan and vintage-looking hat.
At one point, the graceful royal appeared to wipe a tear away from her eye as she contemplated the military service of her countrymen.
Meanwhile Prince Frederik donned his full formal military regalia, complete with medals, a can and a crisp white hat.
Watch the uplifting moment Princess Mary danced with girls in Burkina Faso in the video below.

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