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Danish royal family's bitter $800k feud: Why Prince Frederik's brother is tearing Princess Mary's family apart

Mary's seen the havoc caused by #Megxit - and doesn't want the same thing to happen to her own family!

By Woman's Day team
A shock new report out of Denmark has accused Prince Frederik's brother of "cheating the crown" – and it's left his wife Princess Mary and her family reeling.
Se & Hor magazine has labelled Fred's younger brother Prince Joachim the "cheating prince" who is "laughing all the way to the bank" for staying in Paris.
In the French city, he's said to have no royal responsibilities and still enjoying a handsome wage – believed to be $834,000 a year – from the Amalienborg Palace's purse, which is approved by the nation's parliament.
"Many Danes think this is wrong," reports the publication.
"Out of the next generation, the only one who will be able to receive public funding will be Prince Christian [Mary's 14-year-old son]… [it is] a bizarre special law that gives money to Joachim, [who] stays in Paris for three years while his royal duties are almost forgotten."
It's an injustice that Mary, 48, and her 52-year-old husband can't forgive.
"Mary especially is working so hard to support Queen Margrethe – a role she will one day fill," says a source.
"Her husband is often away fulfilling royal responsibilities, too. They're shouldering the full load while Joachim and his family are shirking everything by insisting on staying in Paris and living their lives out of the public eye. Mary's friends can see the toll it's taking on her and say Joachim simply can't be allowed to get away with this."
Princess Marie, Prince Joachim, Princess Mary and Prince Frederik fronting the cameras at a glamorous royal event last year. Image: Getty
Prince Joachim and his second wife Princess Marie have two children together. Image: Getty
Joachim, 51, is ensconced in Paris with his second wife Marie, and their children Prince Henrik, 11, and Princess Athena, eight, where he serves as a loosely named "special expert" for the Danish military.
"It's becoming increasingly obvious to Mary that Joachim doesn't want to return with his family," says a source.
"She worries for her own children and the extra work they will have to take on. And most of all she worries about Fred, who hasn't seen eye to eye with Joachim for some time now. Mary is concerned he'll never forgive his brother for putting his own wants ahead of the family's civic duties."
Mary is frustrated that she and Frederik are working hard - while his brother lives a life of luxury. Image: Getty
The Australian Princess has seen what has happened over the pond with the British royal family - and wants to avoid making the same mistakes they did. Image: Getty
For Mary, 48, the issue is eerily mirroring what's happening to her good friend, the Duchess of Cambridge in England, who is doing all she can to keep the royal family afloat after Prince William's brother Harry and his wife abruptly left the monarchy and moved to Los Angeles.
"Mary sees how that situation is tearing the British royal family apart, and now the same thing feels like it's happening in Denmark," says a source.
"Everyone knows Prince Charles is still supporting Harry and Meghan financially, even though they aren't doing anything to represent the Queen.
Mary has heard how frustrated Kate and William are.
"I'm sure Mary wishes Queen Margrethe would either make Joachim come back to help, or cut him off, but it isn't her call to make such a suggestion."
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