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Break-in at Danish royals' summer palace leaves Princess Mary fearing for her family's future safety

The disturbing incident palace had Princess Mary in tears.

By Woman's Day team
Princess Mary has been left reeling after a terrifying burglary plunged the Danish royal family into disarray over the festive break.
In news recently released by Danish police, Woman's Day can reveal that security at Marselisborg Palace in Aarhus – Queen Margrethe's beloved summer house – had been compromised just days after the royal family had left following their Christmas holiday. And the incident on January 3 left mum-of-four Mary in "floods of tears".
According to local media, "The break-in at the royal residence was detected by a burglar alarm, which went off at 1.15am on Friday.
The alarm had direct connection to the local police who mobilised all available crew."
Prince Frederik and Princess Mary have stepped up security at all their residences. (Source:Getty)
At the time of going to press, Jutland Police had released no further details, however sources tell Woman's Day sniffer dogs were sent to the property.
It's believed authorities are yet to capture the intruder.
"It's chilling for anyone to find that someone's broken into your home, but entirely another thing when it involves a royal family," says a source.
Mary and Fredrik's kids were at the palace days earlier. (Source:Getty)

Too close for comfort

"You can't help but think it was something very serious, given that the police aren't being very forthcoming with the details."
Mary, 47, her husband Prince Frederik, 51, and their children, Prince Christian, 14, Princess Isabella, 12, and nine-year-old twins Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine, were in residence at Marselisborg from December 20 to 30.
Princess Mary fears for her family (pictured in 2018). (Source: Getty)
"Mary's confessed that it was way too close for comfort and is very frightened that someone could even get in," says our source.
"She has always been assured that all royal residences are among the most secure in the world, so she never bothered to ask any questions. But now she is second-guessing everything Fred has ever told her about their safety."
The mum-of-four was shocked by the break-in. (Source:australscope)
The murky break-in comes at the worst-possible time for Mary, who has fled to Switzerland with her family.
It's widely reported Fred and Mary are experiencing a rocky patch in their 15-year marriage due partly to her feeling that Fred sometimes spends time partying when he should be tending to his family and royal duties.
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Family on edge

While Mary knows she and the kids can't always be number-one priority for the palace, she had no reason to doubt they were ever in danger. (Source:Getty)
"While Mary knows she and the kids can't always be number-one priority for the palace, she had no reason to doubt they were ever in danger," says the source.
"Now it feels like they might be, especially if this burglar is still at large and tries again at their home in Copenhagen. He or she has already gotten away with it once, what's to stop them trying again at Amalienborg?
"She's begged Fred to stick around more."

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