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Crown Princess Mary's children return to school - but there's a confronting catch

The Danish royal family are slowly returning to normality, but they haven't lost sight of the bigger picture.

By Jess Pullar
Crown Princess Mary's four young children have officially returned to school after more than two months of lockdown in their Danish residence.
The European royals shared an update to their Instagram page, telling fans that finally, Prince Christian, aged 14, Princess Isabella, 13, and nine-year-old twins Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine have missed "the teaching, their peers, the teachers".
But in the very special update, the family touched on a hard reality as a poignant reminder.
In the image, each of Mary's four children can be seen with their backpacks on heading into school.
"Now we are happy that all four children are back in school. They have been good at dealing with what has been a very different everyday life," the Danish caption, written by Princess Mary herself, read.
Explaining the things they have missed most about school, the statement continued: "In short, a school life that provides the structure of everyday life that children have found they appreciate."
Mary then elaborated: "But not all children in the world are so lucky. I have read that UNESCO estimates that school closures around the world due to the Corona crisis are affecting education for over 70 per cent of all the students of the world."
"It has a great impact on the world's children, especially girls and especially in developing countries," she stated.
The eloquent Princess urged support for more education in this space.
"Education is the way to a better future for everyone. For girls, education specifically means that they have a greater chance of lifting themselves out of poverty, that they marry later, that they have fewer and healthier children, and that they have financial freedom and can contribute to society," she finished.

The update was met with admiration from the family's following.
One fan wrote in the comments section: "School is so important especially for children and no video lesson can replace the presence of teachers and schoolmates."
Another said: "Schooling is essential for all and yet it is not all common. Nice that there are organisations and front figures that focus on it."
Crown Princess Mary is a passionate advocate for girls schooling. (Getty)
Mary is a passionate advocate for girls schooling, having travelled to various, less fortunate places around the world where she attended meetings and collaborated with organisations working to propel more women in low socioeconomic circumstances to get a better education.
During isolation, Mary also didn't stop from shining a light on some of the causes she is most passionate about.
In April, she shared a special video from her home office on Children's Aid Day, where she spoke of how it would still be celebrated despite the trying circumstances - in a very unique way.
"Instead, Children's Aid Day 2020 will be digitally marked on the organisation's Facebook page, where it is possible during the day to follow and participate in the anniversary program," the Princess explained.
Watch it in full below:
The Crown Princess' children will be seeing out a very different year to what they had originally planned.
At the beginning of 2020, the family travelled to Switzerland where the children intended to attend an international school there for the semester.
The unprecedented spread of COVID-19 cut the stint short, with the family returning home to Denmark in March where they self-isolated.
Now, it seems a semblance of normality is returning - as for what's next for the family? That's anyone's guess.
Stay tuned!
Mary has kept working hard throughout the lockdown in Denmark. (Getty)

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