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Crown Princess Mary breaks down in the middle of her latest appearance as she delivers a powerful speech

The Crown Princess experienced an unbearable loss at the age of 25.

By Jess Pullar
Crown Princess Mary has delivered a heartbreaking, yet powerful speech about loss in her latest appearance.
The Danish royal attended the 20th Anniversary of the Children, Youth and Grief Network, where she shared some beautiful, poignant words on her own personal experience with grief.
Mary, who lost her mother Henrietta "Etta" Donaldson from a heart condition when the Princess to-be was just 25 years old, spoke of the difficulties and pain when someone you love passes away.
"It is difficult, if not impossible, to find meaning in losing someone you love," the Princess said.
"But what makes sense, and something that can not be taken from us, is all we had with that person. "⁣⁣

The Instagram caption shares more of Mary's words. Originally written in Danish, it roughly translates to: "With those words, I began my speech at Children, Youth and Grief's 20th Anniversary yesterday."
"Of course, for me it was one of the harder talks to hold. But to my own surprise, I was more moved than I would have thought. And so it is with grief, it can strike at any time.
"Yesterday was not 'anytime', it was the mark of an organisation that works to help children and young people through their grief and with the belief that life can become whole again, but…. in a new way.⁣⁣"
The Princess continued: "What touched me on the podium yesterday is a little hard to explain."
Princess Mary explained why she became emotional during the heartfelt speech. (Getty)
Mary said her emotional speech wasn't exacerbated by her own loss as such, it was more because she and everyone else in the room shared something special in common.
"We were common about having lost, and I could feel the common understanding that loss provides. It does not require words, it is just there," the mother-of-four explained.
She ended the poignant Instagram message with a comment to remember: "Hope is the focal point. The hope that you can learn to live with the grief as part of life and take the one you have lost with you."
The Crown Princess has incredible speech making skills. (Getty)
The Crown Princess is known for her incredible poise and speech-making skills, and despite her visible emotion, she looked incredible for the duration of the event.
She opted for a beautiful green suit, paired with a chic white shirt underneath.
In a unique addition, the Princess also wore reading glasses.
Mary's words no doubt struck a chord with her audience, and the royal's loyal Instagram following.
And it's moments like these that not only normalise grief in its many different forms, but also serve as a reminder that no matter what we're going through, we're never alone.

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