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Princess Charlene opens up about her “adorable and inexhaustible” twins

The 39-year-old royal says the Monaco royal twins are at an “incredible age.”

By Candice Mehta-Culjak
She’s a former Olympian, a style icon, a royal and a wife... but above all else, Princess Charlene of Monaco is a mother.
In a new interview with Paris Match magazine, the much-loved royal has opened up about her two-year-old royal twins - Prince Jacques, and Princess Gabriella - saying, “raising my twins is a sport.”
"It's an incredible age, where they constantly demand you. Living away from me seems unimaginable for them,” she said.
“They want to know everything, to understand everything, to ask me thousands of questions. They also want to try everything.”
Charlene went on to explain that little Jacques, famed for his striking blue eyes, is incredibly protective of his equally adorable twin sister.
“[They] bump all the time ... The other day, Gabriella made a huge bump. And while I was looking after her, I saw Jacques hammering his little clenched fists at the desk on which she had rushed head first, shouting: ‘Nasty table,’” she said.
“He is very protective of his sister. Nothing is ever their fault, they support themselves, comfort themselves. I can spend hours watching them play. They are adorable and inexhaustible," she added.
Adorable indeed! Here Charlene can be seen alongside her husband Prince Albert and their two children.
The Monaco royal twins are famed for stealing the spotlight. Most recently, the royal family were seen at the country’s annual Sainte Dévote's Day, a celebration in honour of Monaco's patron saint.
As Charlene and her husband Prince Albert, 58, waved gentility at the crowd below the sun-drenched balcony, the precious brother-sister duo could be seen playing hide and seek, as they took turns peering and peeking through the large stone balustrade.
Later, Charlene and Albert picked the tot’s up for a period of their balcony appearance so they could better see the action taking place before them.
Adorably, while nestled safely in his mother’s arms, Jacques playfully reached out for his father’s glasses.
Princess Charlene, we hope you've framed this darling snap.
These little cherubs have won the world over with their cheeky antics.
It seems even royal tot's squirm and wriggle about.
The cheeky little Prince is really starting to show his personality!
Ahead of their second birthday, Prince Albert told People his little ones were thriving!
"The kids are great. They’re running around everywhere, still jumping in and out of the pool up at the ranch [Roc Agel] on a day like today when it’s still warm enough here," he explained to the publication.
“They’re still all smiling and laughing. I still haven’t seen any tantrums, though those are probably coming, but for now, they’re very sweet and alert."
As for their personalities, the 58-year-old says they're becoming quite the characters.
“Jacques, for the moment, is a little boy of very few words. If he wants you to pick him up, he’ll say, ‘Up!’ and then he’ll say, ‘Down,’ but he’s not into using full sentences."
“Gabriella, like a lot of little girls, and is more talkative than her brother - both in English and French. She encountered the phrase ‘c’est pas possible!’ (‘it’s not possible’) and has picked that up pretty quickly. That one I’m certain it’s going to serve her really well later on in life."
Too cute!

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