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Princess Charlene separated from her husband again just one week after returning to Monaco

Why she's been left at home.

By Maddison Leach
Princess Charlene has been separated from her husband, Prince Albert, again just one week after she reunited with him and their children in Monaco.
The 43-year-old had spent months stranded in her native South Africa battling complications from an ear, nose and throat infection, which required multiple surgeries.
After eight months abroad, she finally returned to Monaco where she was reunited with Albert and their two children, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella.
Princess Charlene has been separated from her husband once again. (Getty)
Posting a family snap to Instagram last Monday, Charlene shared her joy at finally being home, writing: "Happy day today. Thank you all for keeping me strong !! ❤"
"The princess is extremely happy to be back home with her family," the royal's sister-in-law, Chantell Wittstock, recently told South African outlet News24.
But just over a week later, Albert has left his wife to travel to Dubai's World Expo in the United Arab Emirates with his sister, Princess Stephanie, and her son, Louis Ducruet.
The royal previously told People he had hoped to travel to the Expo with his wife, but it seems another trip was off the cards for Charlene.
After so many months of ill health, it's unclear if she would have been allowed to fly from Monaco to Dubai, especially so soon after returning home.
Doctors waited months before they cleared her to fly from South Africa back to Monaco, due to ongoing complications from her infection and surgeries.
Charlene also spent months separated from her seven-year-old twins and may have been reluctant to leave them again to travel to Dubai so soon after their reunion.
However, some royal watchers have claimed this latest move suggests there are underlying tensions in Albert and Charlene's marriage.
Some critics previously suggested that Charlene's long stay in South Africa was due, in part, to friction between the couple, who marked their 10th anniversary apart in July.
There was speculation around their wedding day in 2011, with claims that Charlene tried to flee Monaco in the days before the wedding – Prince Albert and the palace denied these allegations.
Photos of the ceremony also showed Charlene openly weeping, and in the years since royal watchers have noticed she is rarely pictured smiling at royal events.
Charlene and Albert have both denied that there are any troubles in their marriage, the princess telling Point de Vue magazine in 2020 that she will always stand by her man.
Royal watchers have noticed Charlene is rarely pictured smiling at royal events. (Getty)
"I often tell him, 'No matter what, I'm a thousand percent behind you. I'll stand by you, whatever you do, in good times or bad,'" she said.
There have also been ongoing rumours about Albert having more love children, which the prince has denied.
He has two children he has publicly acknowledged from relationships before he started dating Charlene - Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, 29, and Alexandre Coste, 18 – but denies having fathered any others.

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