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Inside Princess Charlene of Monaco's special bond with Prince Albert's love children

The royal rebel turns her back on her husband and opens her loving arms to her fellow 'outsiders.'

Prince Albert of Monaco's two love children have bounced back into the limelight with his eldest child, 27-year-old actress Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, posting a photo of herself and her "handsome younger brother Alex", 15, in honour of National Siblings Day.
A beaming Jazmin also shared a separate photo of the official heirs to the Monaco throne, four-year-old twins Jacques and Gabriella – Albert's children with wife Princess Charlene – with the caption "Family First."
And while many would assume Charlene would be fuming, Woman's Day can reveal the 41-year-old is now more than happy to welcome Albert's love children into the family.

Part of the family

"Jazmin and Alex are often invited to the more intimate family events at the palace these days," a royal source exclusively tells Woman's Day.
"Charlene goes out of her way to make them feel part of the family – as they indeed are."
"All his life Albert lived under the iron fist of his father, Prince Rainier, and there was no way he could confess he was father to not one, but two, illegitimate children."
WATCH: Just like her late grandmother! Jazmin Grace Grimaldi shows off her amazing vocals. Post continues after the video...
"Jazmin's mother was an American waitress Albert had a one-night stand with when she was on holiday in the South of France, while Alex's mother was an air hostess Albert met on a trans-Atlantic flight."
"Even though both mothers fought very public campaigns to gain recognition for their children, Albert had to lower his head and deny everything, all while secretly making cash payments to their mothers behind his dad's back," our source adds.
And while Princess Charlene, 41, was heartbroken to learn of her husband's former life at first, those close to the South African-born princess say she's changed her tune."
Jazmin and Alex are not eligible to inherit the throne of Monaco because they were born out of wedlock. (Image: @jazmingrimaldi/Instagram)
"At first, Charlene did resent Albert's other kids and she felt rejected, but once she had her own children and she could see how crazy Albert was about them, everything slipped easily into place," the source says.
"Ironically, the more Charlene has seen how Albert's own family – especially his snobby sister Princess Caroline – have continued to reject Jazmin and Alex, the more she's felt affection for them. They were outsiders to the royal family, just as she was, too."
For years Albert, pictured with his four-year-old twins Jacques and Gabriella, refused to acknowledge Jazmin as his daughter. (Image: Getty)
The insider adds that having struggled to find her own place in the family, Charlene has something in common with the kids – and is making an effort to welcome them into the fold.
"Once Charlene gave birth to the twins, the official royal heirs, she wanted them to grow up knowing their brother and sister."
"The rest of the Monaco royals may turn their noses up at them, but Charlene's determined to treat Jazmin and Alex as her own."
In 2017, Jazmin posted the very first public with her half-brother Alexandre to wish him a happy birthday. (Image: @jazmingrimaldi/Instagram)

Runaway bride

Princess Charlene and Prince Albert of Monaco have come a long way over the years.
In 2011, Charlene famously sobbed her way down the aisle when she married Albert.
Charlene wipes away tears on her wedding day. (Image: Getty)
Reports at the time suggested the princess-to-be had discovered Albert had an alleged third love child just days before their wedding.
It's believed Charlene had her passport taken from her so the royals could convince her to stay.

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