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Princess Charlene’s dramatic new appearance sparks concern as she continues to battle ill health in South Africa

She's been there for months.

By Maddison Leach
Princess Charlene of Monaco has shared a new photo from her extended stay in South Africa, but her appearance has left fans concerned.
The 43-year-old royal travelled to her home country earlier this year, before falling ill with an ear, nose and throat infection that required surgery in May.
Since then, Charlene has undergone follow-up operations that have left her stranded in South Africa, as doctors have been unable to clear her to fly home to Monaco.
Now, almost six months after she arrived in South Africa, the royal has shared a photo revealing a marked difference in her appearance.

Taking to Instagram on Sunday, Charlene posted a black and white snap of herself with an unidentified man.
Charlene captioned the image: "Thank you for your kindness and support. Bayede Nkosi"
That last phrase translates as "Come, Lord" in Zulu, and the royal also appeared to be wearing a rosary with a crucifix around her neck.
In the photo she is dressed in multiple layers, including a long-sleeve shirt and shawl, and her hands, wrists and face are looking thin.
A similar photo she posted at the start of October showed Charlene wearing the same rosary and sitting with an open Bible, the royal captioning it "God Bless".
She also appeared to have lost weight in that image, which may be a result of her ongoing health battle.
Princess Charlene looked thin in this photo from early October. (Instagram)
The marked change in Charlene's appearance has caused concern among some royal watchers, who left supportive and worried comments on her posts.
"Oh the beautiful princess too weakened," one wrote, translated from French.
"Be strong," said another, while a third commented: "She is really not well!😮look at her arms!"
Monaco's royal palace confirmed over a week ago that Charlene had undergone her "final" operation in South Africa to treat her ongoing infection and complications.
Previous reports from the palace and Charlene's husband, Prince Albert II, have suggested the princess will be allowed to return to Monaco at the end of the month.
However, her return has been postponed several times before, as Charlene continues to battle the effects of her ill health.
"I know she's said possibly late October, but that was before this most recent round of appointments," Albert told People in September.
That same month, Charlene collapsed and was rushed to hospital, just days after a hopeful reunion with her husband and children in South Africa.
Both Charlene and Prince Albert have said that the princess is "ready to come home" to her family in Monaco after months apart.
She was forced to miss her and Albert's 10th wedding anniversary, as well as several key events, including the Tokyo Olympics, which Albert attended alone.

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