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Is Princess Charlene about to return to Monaco after her “final” operation and months stranded in South Africa?

The princess is ready to come home.

By Maddison Leach
Princess Charlene of Monaco has undergone her "final" surgery in South Africa, sparking hopes that she will soon return to Monaco.
The 43-year-old royal has been stuck in her native country for months now, battling complications from an ear, nose and throat infection and subsequent surgeries.
A palace spokesperson recently confirmed to People that Charlene had "her final procedure" on Friday last week.
Now palace sources have told the Daily Mail that the operation went "very well", but does that mean Charlene will be jetting back to Monaco in the coming days?
Prince Albert II hinted at her return last week when he told RMC radio that his wife will be back with him and their children "very soon".
Princess Charlene may soon return to her husband and children in Monaco. (Getty)
"She is better. It was also complicated for her because different problems affected her," he said at the time.
He also told People in early September that his wife was "ready to come home", but that she probably wouldn't be allowed to fly until late October.
Now, having undergone her "final" surgery, it seems that a late October return to Monaco could be on the cards for Charlene.
However, nothing is set in stone for the royal, as her return has been delayed time and again due to her ongoing health battle.
The princess first travelled to Monaco in March this year for a funeral, then joined a conservation project there in May.
She contracted a severe ear, nose and throat infection soon after and had to undergo surgery to treat it.
Unfortunately, Charlene experienced complications from the first surgery and required a second to address the issues.
This revision surgery dragged out her stay in South Africa, as doctors wouldn't clear her to fly home to Monaco before treating the complications.
Separated from her husband and children for months, Charlene was overjoyed when Albert and their twins, Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques, visited her in late August.
Sadly, in early September the royal faced another setback after collapsing and being rushed to hospital.
At the time, Albert told People: "I know she's said possibly late October, but that was before this most recent round of appointments."
Now Charlene has finally undergone what the palace is calling her last surgery, and there are hopes she will be able to return to her family in Monaco soon.
Her homecoming will not only be a relief for the royal, but may also put to bed ongoing rumours that her long stay in South Africa was due to ongoing tensions in her marriage.
Late last year Prince Albert was accused of fathering a love child during his relationship with Charlene, sparking concern for their marriage.

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