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Prince Carl Philip reminds the world he's perfect as he celebrates his wedding anniversary

Dearest IKEA, could you please build a prototype of your very own take-home Prince Carl Philip? Many thanks.

By Chloe Lal
In BREAKING NEWS, we're officially moving to Sweden so that we can breathe the same air as royal god Prince Carl Philip.
So what has the ruggedly handsome man done that has running away from our island home?
The 38-year-old shared how he plans to celebrate his second wedding anniversary with his beautiful wife, Princess Sofia of Sweden.
Prince Carl and Princess Sofia tied the knot on June 13, 2015.
The royal was attending a seminar in honor of Sweden's Stenhammardag Day with his father, King Carl Gustav, and the 71-year-old's dog Brandie when he made the romantic revelations.
Prince Carl, who looked dapper as ever, has a lot to look forward to with Sofia set to give birth to their second child in the coming months.
But for now, his focus is celebrating their wedding milestone.
Just Carl casually standing...
His father King Carl Gustaf took his furry bestie, dog Brandie, along to the event.
During the day's activities he told the Swedish media, "I'm going home and celebrate with my wife and young son."
Let's all cue a very audible "awwww."
Carl professed his everlasting love to Sofia on June 13, 2015, in front of his closest friends, family and nearly all over Europe's royals including, the Earl and Countess of Wessex and Denmark's Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary.
The couple are the proud parents to one-year-old son Prince Alexander, Duke of Södermanland.
The royal, who shares a huge likeness to Disney's Prince Eric, addressed the well-wishers after the ceremony.
Sofia is expecting the couple's second child.
"You want to celebrate the love, and that shows that Sweden is a warm country," he said at the time.
Many will notice Prince Carl is on a one-man-mission to prove that fairy-tales are real.
Before he made the former reality star his official princess, he chatted to Sweden's TV 4, professing, "I don't think I knew the magic of love before I met Sofia. But ever since I met her, I've seen how love can change a person."

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