Prince Albert reveals details of royal wedding just days away

The countdown is on in Monte Carlo as one of Princess Grace's kin prepares to tie the knot this week.

Princess Charlene met Prince Albert of Monaco at a swimming event in 2007 and the couple's marvellous wedding – held in July 2011 – was a highlight of the royal calendar.
Now the countdown is on for another Monégasque royal wedding between Pierre Casiraghi and his fiancée Beatrice Borromeo.
The groom’s uncle, Prince Albert gave away a few details about Pierre and Beatrice’s civil ceremony this week that is due to be held on the 25th of July in Monte Carlo.
"The wedding service will be in the palace's salons, then a garden party – because Pierre and Beatrice want it that way," Albert, 57, told People.
According to Albert his sister, Princess Caroline’s youngest son wants his wedding to reflect his simpler country upbringing in France.
"It's going to be a summer garden party. A finger-foods-for-lunch thing, with buffet tables and drinks. There'll be places for guests to sit, but it's going to be mostly informal."
"There'll be some local folklore dancers and music," said Albert. "And, we'll play some pétanque. It's a light fete and I will give a toast. I'll try and keep it short and not bore everybody, have them feel I ran on and on, which will be hard because I really like both Pierre and Beatrice."
The nuptials are due to be a rather small affair by royal standards – only 700 guests have been invited to the palace but according to HELLO! Magazine “a second bigger, religious wedding in the bride's native Italy the following week – on her family's Borromean Islands.”
While Beatrice is a well-to-do socialite her transition from regular civilian to royal might be tough but thankfully she can ask her new uncle’s wife, Princess Charlene for advice on how to deal with her new found responsibility and the scrutiny her marriage might face – something former South African Olympian Charlene is well versed in.
In a wide-ranging interview published in Thursday's Paris-Match, Charlene, 37, discusses her marriage, the difficulties of becoming a princess in a land that was not her home.
"When I got to the palace, no one gave me a handbook describing how to become a princess," Charlene said.
"I missed my family and my friends, as much as the simple style of life in which I was raised."
"Happily, I quickly found new friends here who have remained very dear."
After a rocky start to her marriage – rumours swirled about Charlene being forced to marry Albert when she sobbed her way down the aisle in 2011 – the Princess appears to be happier than ever, focused on being a new mum and her charity work.
Of her husband and father to her twins, Jacques and Gabriella, Charlene told Paris Match, "Everyone who knows him knows he possesses an incredible memory and a colossal capacity for work."
The princess gushed that these qualities are complemented by Albert’s "coolheaded Irish nature, no doubt inherited from his mother, Princess Grace."
We have no doubt Charlene will be gracious enough to help welcome Beatrice into the family.
One thing that Charlene and her late mother-in-law, Princess Grace certainly have in common is impeccable style. Here are some of Charlene’s best looks.

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