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Keeping it in the family! Prince Albert purchases Princess Grace’s childhood home

Prince Albert of Monaco is keeping his mother’s memory alive in the most beautiful way!

By Bella Brennan
He’s raising his young family in Monaco but Prince Albert has just set up foundations in America after purchasing his mother Princess Grace’s childhood home in East Falls, Philadelphia.
The 58-year-old confirmed the news to People explaining, “It feels good. I’m very happy to have saved this old family home from a near certain death or development.”
Princess Grace of Monaco and her first-born, Prince Albert, share a loving moment in 1958.
Before she became a Princess, Grace Kelly grew up in East Falls, Philadelphia and pursued a successful acting career. (Pic via/philly.curbed.com)
“We’re still trying to figure out what we’re going to do with it. We’re looking at having it contain some museum exhibit space and maybe use part of it for offices for some of our foundation work," he explained.
Prince Albert is expected to visit Philadelphia this week to flesh out more of a concrete plan.
The actress-turned-royal Princess Grace, nee Kelly, grew up in the sprawling six-bedroom property until her engagement to Prince Rainier III of Monaco in 1955.
According to John O'Connell of Elfant Wissahickon Realtors the colonial property, which was built by Grace’s father John B. Kelly in 1935, sold for $AUD 989,851 ($USD 754,000).
Prince Albert says he and wife Princess Charlene are looking forward to bringing their twins, Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques, to their grandmother’s home.
“I’m looking forward to showing the house to the kids, sharing it with them, having them see the garden. It’ll probably be next year. We’ll have to finish the work and then we’ll have some sort of opening,” the father-of-four explained to People.
Albert and Charlene are looking forward to bringing their one-year-old twins to their grandmother's home.
The property was built by Princess Grace's father in John B. Kelly in 1935. (Pic via/philly.curbed.com)
Looking back on some of his earliest memories of the sentimental property, Albert reflected: “I couldn’t have been more than two, probably my first visit to the house. I remember rolling about on the carpet in the living room.”
“The house is filled with little moments like that. Moments of being a family.”
Princess Grace tragically died in 1982, aged 52 when she suffered a stroke and crashed her car near Monaco.
Prince Albert says some of his earliest memories are visiting the home with his mother. (Pic via/philly.curbed.com)

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