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New portrait of the Danish royal family released

In celebration of Queen Margrethe’s 76th birthday, the Danish royals sat down for a stunning new portrait.

By Katie Skelly
The Danish palace has released a colourful new portrait marking the 76th birthday of Queen Margrethe.
The impeccably symmetrical snap, which was taken in the palace by photographer Steen Brogaard, shows the Monarch sitting beside her husband Henrik, Prince Consort of Denmark.
Standing regally either side of the two are the couple’s sons and daughters-in-law.
Our very own Mary rests her hands contently on the back of her mother-in-law’s chair, as does her handsome husband Frederik, and beside him stands Prince Joachim who bears an identical smile to his mother.
And if the outfits look familiar, it’s because they are! The post from the Danish royal family’s Facebook page reveals that this happy snap was taken just moments after the six waved to onlookers from the balcony of the Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen.
The stunning portrait was taken just moments after the royals stepped out to wave at onlookers.
The 76-year-old celebrated her birthday on April 16 which funnily enough sits days before Queen Elizabeth’s on April 21.
“She’s wonderful. I really admire the way she has lived her life, the way she continues to live her life. She’s so dedicated and she has a marvellous sense of humour,” Margrethe said to the Telegraph of her fellow Monarch.
“I’m lucky enough to know her privately and I do enjoy that sense of humour.”
Watch Queen Margrethe chat candidly about Queen Elizabeth in the video player below! Post continues...
While the two Queens have their titles and colourful style in common, they also differ in a few ways.
Queen Margrethe is known among the royals as the life of the party who takes a rather candid approach when it comes to royal events, compared to her comrade Elizabeth II who usually remains stoic in public.
The Monarchs are longtime pals.
The 76-year-old loves a good time!
Meanwhile this week Princess Mary traded in her tiara for something a little more practical.
On June 5, the Tasmanian-born royal became one of 5,000 volunteers at the Bülows Barracks in Fredericia town to train with the Denmark’s National Guard.
Dressed in head-to-toe camouflage, the 44-year-old spent two days undergoing rigorous drills, naval manoeuvres and target practices.
The future queen of Denmark, who also holds the rank of First Lieutenant, proved that she sure is one tough cookie as she joined in with all the activities.
The future Queen showed off her skills at the two-day training session.
She even had time to mingle with the other volunteers!

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