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Prince Albert and Princess Charlene’s twins win hearts at National Day celebrations

A royally cute affair!

By Candice Mehta-Culjak
Prince Albert and Princess Charlene were joined by their adorable twins over the weekend as they made a rare appearance atop the balcony of Monaco's royal palace.
The much-loved family stepped out on Sunday to honour the country’s annual National Day, a revered event which has been celebrated since 1857.
Albert, 59, and Charlene, 39, waved happily at the crowd of thousands who had gathered to catch a glimpse of the day’s pomp and pageantry but the two-year-old royal twins -- Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella -- were undoubtedly the centre of attention.
The adorable brother-sister duo, who will celebrate their birthday next month on December 10th, won hearts as they showed off their little personalities.
Jacques, who wore a dapper grey suit for the occasion, stepped on his tippy-toes to peek his head above the balustrade. Meanwhile, Gabriella sported a floral dress as she danced to a military band playing below, occasionally throwing kisses and waving to the crowd.
The royal parents also picked the tot’s up for a period of their balcony appearance so they could better see the action taking place before them.
Princess Charlene wore a sumptuous deep blue coat and wide-brimmed hat for the important family occasion.
The royal was seen adorably fussing over her little one's new haircut.
Peek-a-boo, we see you!
Ahead of their second birthday, Prince Albert spoke fondly of his little ones in an interview with People.
"The kids are great. They’re running around everywhere, still jumping in and out of the pool up at the ranch [Roc Agel] on a day like today when it’s still warm enough here," he told the publication.
“They’re still all smiling and laughing. I still haven’t seen any tantrums, though those are probably coming, but for now, they’re very sweet and alert."
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He said the precious little royals were becoming quite the characters.
“Jacques, for the moment, is a little boy of very few words. If he wants you to pick him up, he’ll say, ‘Up!’ and then he’ll say, ‘Down,’ but he’s not into using full sentences."
“Gabriella, like a lot of little girls, and is more talkative than her brother - both in English and French. She encountered the phrase ‘c’est pas possible!’ (‘it’s not possible’) and has picked that up pretty quickly. That one I’m certain it’s going to serve her really well later on in life."
Too cute!

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