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EXCLUSIVE! Meet Princess Mary’s Aussie family

In this week’s issue of Woman’s Day, we introduce the Danish royal’s Australian family, including her lookalike nieces, who are nothing but proud of their very own fairytale princess.

She’s the Crown Princess of Denmark and they’re middle-class Aussies living “normal” lives with their families, but the bond between Princess Mary and her three older siblings is stronger than ever.
Now, an a world exclusive, we can introduce the next generation of Mary's relatives - her gorgeous nieces.
Mary’s big brother, John, who is godfather to four-year-old Prince Vincent, lives with his wife Leanne and the couple’s two daughters 
– Cherie, 21, and 16-year-old Michelle – in the family home 
in the suburbs of Perth.
His elder daughter Cherie 
is a qualified sports scientist who also works part-time at a local restaurant. She and Michelle – who’s studying at secondary college – love to hit the beach with their dad, and going fishing together.
Princess Mary's nieces (pictured above), Cherie, 21 (left) and Michelle, 16 (right), both share their royal Aunty's signature brunette features. The girls are Mary's brother, John Donaldson Jr. (pictured below with wife and the girl's mum, Leanne) pride and joy.
For the most part, the siblings have kept to themselves since Mary married Prince Frederik in Denmark in 2004, her sisters Jane, 49, and Patricia, 47, as well as brother John Jr., 45, are nothing but proud of their little sister, who has taken to royalty with ease and dedication.
In this week’s issue of Woman’s Day get an exclusive insight into Mary's Aussie relatives, who lead a very different lifestyle to Denmark’s future Queen.
Mary's big sister Trish (pictured front right) enjoys spending time with loved ones.
Still living in Tasmania, Mary's big sister Patricia, known to her loved ones as Trish, is mum to her 12-year-old daughter Mollie and also has two children from her first marriage – Michael, 21, and a 20-year-old daughter Maddy.
A hard-working nurse, Trish has two children from her first marriage – Michael, 21, and a 20-year-old daughter Maddy (pictured).
While the eldest Donaldson sibling, Jane, still lives in Tasmania and has three children – 23-year-old Alexander, and two girls, Erin, 20, and Kate, 18.
Princess Mary's sisters, Patricia Bailey and Jane Stephens were both bridesmaids at her 2004 wedding. The ladies still live in Tasmania.
Find out more about Princess Mary’s family and their incredible bond, be sure to pick up this week’s issue of Woman’s Day, on stands now!

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