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Details of Monaco's extravagant upcoming royal wedding revealed

Pink heart-shaped diamonds and ceremonies on Italian private islands, oh my!

If you’re the kind of person who goes weak at the knees at the thought of pink, heart-shaped diamonds, and brides with their own private islands, brace yourself.
Monaco’s Prince Pierre Casiraghi – he’s the grandson of Grace Kelly, and the son of Princess Caroline, who is 58, if you can believe that – is due to marry this weekend.
His fiancé, Beatrice Borromeo, is rich beyond dreams.
Both families are saying the event will be ‘low-key’ and 'informal' to which we say: Ha!
The civil ceremony at Monaco's Pink Palace. Then comes the garden party, to which 700 people are invited.
Then comes what People has described as ‘the extravagant religious ceremony on Beatrice's family's private islands in Italy’ – but that’s not until the weekend after.
The couple met while studying in Milan. Pierre, 28, proposed with a pear-shaped pink diamond. He is seventh in line for the throne of Monaco, while 29-year-old Beatrice, is the daughter of two counts and has seven cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church.If that weren’t enough, she has a saint in her lineage. The family owns Borromean Islands on Lake Maggiore in Italy, and have done since the 17th century.
Where’s your invite? Lost in the mail, for sure!

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