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Zara Tindall discusses her baby plans

Zara Tindall nee Phillips has revealed that she and husband Mike Tindall have put their plans for baby number two on hold.
Zara, 32, the daughter of Princess Anne, welcomed her first child, daughter Mia Grace, with her Rugby-player husband Mike, 36, in January last year.
It seems Mia won’t be playing with a little brother or sister any time soon though as she’s put her plans for a second baby on hold so that the champion equestrian can focus on her Olympic aspirations.
“It’s only 17 months to the Olympics and I can’t take anything for granted. I need to qualify for the team first and have good, consistent results,” Zara told the UK’s Financial Times
Speaking of her decision to take part in the 2016 Olympic Games, Zara said that it “means I won't be able to have any more children between now and then.”
Zara never let pregnancy stand in the way of her passion for riding but she did reveal her struggle to get back into shape following baby Mia’s birth.
"What surprised me about having a baby is losing all your fitness and how tough it is to get it back," she said.
Zara said she was back on her horse – ‘High Kingdom,’ just 12 weeks after giving birth and has been trying to regain her former fitness levels by swimming and cycling.
Zara was riding a horse and competing in equestrian events at three months pregnant.
"I try to work out on an exercise bike first thing in the morning," said Zara.
She also revealed that she had gotten some training in Down Under earlier this year when she and husband Mike, who tied the knot in 2011, visited Australia.
“We all went to Australia in January and it was great to have time to train with Mike. However, cycling with him is a lot harder, as every time I caught up with him he would ride off into the distance.”
Zara also spoke about what it’s like being a mum while taking on the dangerous sport of riding: “I don’t know whether being a mum has made me any more cautious. What it does do is put things in perspective. If I have a bad day riding, it doesn’t matter now as much as it used to.”
Left: Zara and her rugby player husband Mike Tindall. Right: Attending equestrian events with baby Mia
Zara did say though that the great thing about the sport was the family-friendly nature of the events, that allows her to take baby Mia along. “At least I can take Mia with me to competitions now. The eventing circuit is great for families so I don’t have to go the entire day missing her.”
Zara said she and Mike prefer a more hands-on style of parenting that many of the other royals traditionally have done. “We don’t have a full-time nanny and Mia comes first,” she said.

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