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A decision will be made this week if Prince Charles will become the Head of the Commonwealth

An official meeting to discuss Prince Charles' future role as the Head of the Commonwealth is happening this week.

By Bella Brennan
Popularity for the Royal Family in Australia is at an all-time high with a recent Newspoll survey revealing support for the Monarchy has reached an 18-year peak at 41 per cent, leaving only nine per cent undecided.
However as law dictates, just because Prince Charles will inherit the throne when his mother Queen Elizabeth passes away it doesn't mean he'll be guaranteed to automatically become the new Head of the Commonwealth.
As the Commonwealth Secretariat website explains: "When the Queen dies or if she abdicates, her heir will not automatically become Head of the Commonwealth."
"It will be up to the Commonwealth heads of government to decide what they want to do about this symbolic role."
And now as the 53 Commonwealth governments, including Australia's PM Malcom Turnbull, who is the former leader of the Australian Republican Movement, meet in London for the Heads of Government Summit this week, the British government have confirmed the leaders will gather later this week to discuss if Prince Charles should succeed Queen Elizabeth as the Head of the Commonwealth.
When quizzed on the matter, British Prime Minister Theresa May's spokesperson confirmed a meeting would be held this Friday at Windsor Castle.
"This is obviously a decision that is taken later in the week, a decision taken by all the members together. I think that all happens on Friday," the PM's rep responded.
A meeting will take place this Friday at Windsor Castle to discuss if Prince Charles should become the Head of the Commonwealth.
British Labour politician Jeremy Corbyn has been vocal in his opinion that Prince Charles shouldn't automatically inherit the top job.
"I think the Commonwealth ought to really get a chance decide who its own head is.The Queen is obviously very personally committed to the Commonwealth," he said on BBC programme Andrew Marr Show.
"After her, I think it's time for the Commonwealth to decide who its own president is on a rotational basis."
While Commonwealth Secretary-General Baroness Scotland opted for a more diplomatic explanation when quizzed on the matter, saying the 53 heads of the Commonwealth "will make a decision in whatever way they determine."
In the wake of the debate and to commence the Commonwealth Heads of Government week, Prince William has delivered a speech on the power of the Commonwealth and the Royal Family in London on Monday evening.
"The Commonwealth has rightly been described as "the mother of all networks". There is no other organisation on earth that marries politics with the civil society and the networks that the Forums represent," he said.
"For us in the Royal Family, supporting The Queen who has dedicated her life loyally and without fail to the Commonwealth is an enormous honour. "
"We hope, above all, that you prosper from your time together this week and that your sense of family deepens. It is a great pleasure for me and for all of the family to share your week with you."
Her Majesty has been the ruler of the Commonwealth since she took to the throne in 1952.
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