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Why Meghan Markle reminds the world of Duchess Catherine

It looks like our favourite Prince has found his perfect match... and Meghan is going to fit in with the Cambridges perfectly!

By Chloe Lal
From the moment Prince Harry confirmed his romance with Hollywood actress Meghan Markle, it's been easy to see how happy he makes her.
And now, royal watchers can't help but note how history is repeating itself. Just like big brother Prince William, the former bachelor has opted for love rather than royal lineage - and we couldn't be more excited for the 32-year-old.
Kate opted for a more formal look when she wore the gown in 2014 for the Royal Variety Performance, while Meghan showed off her pins as she stepped out for the 2012 USA Network event in Hollywood.
The ladies both have a sophisticated flare, letting their personality shine through their outfits.
Fashion forward
Indeed, both the Duchess of Cambridge and Meghan Markle are striking individuals who share a lot of similarities.
Fans were delighted when they picked up on the fact that both ladies have the same taste in clothing. It's also been noted that they have stepped out in the same Diane von Furstenberg Zarita dress for separate red carpet appearances.
Yet, the highly-accomplished women are so much more than their taste in fashion.
Beauty and brains
As we know, Duchess Catherine met her Prince while studying at St Andrews University. The former Miss Middleton graduated with a honours degree majoring in art history.
It's the mum-of-two's love for art that inspires some of her incredible works of photography. Sharing her passion with the world, the 34-year-old often releases personal snaps she has taken of her little ones, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.
Equally passionate for the arts, Meghan studied theatre and international relations at Northwestern University in Illinois.
WATCH: Meghan talks about Prince Harry in the player below. Post continues after the video...
While Catherine loves photos, the Suits actress is a skilled calligrapher. Describing it as her “pseudo-waitressing job” the actress spoke about her unique skill during a chat with Fashion Magazine.
“I could either wait tables or use a skill I had that I could do on my own time,” she mused.
In fact, she is so talented with the ink, Meghan personally wrote Robin Thicke and Paula Patton’s wedding invitations and she penned Dolce & Gabbana’s holiday correspondence.
The university graduates share a love for creative arts.
Crusaders with a cause
The Duchess and Meghan have been highly vocal when it comes to their charity work and promoting positive mental health and body image.
Being linked to the future King comes with its own trials and tribulations, but over the years, Catherine has displayed incredible poise and strength, instead focusing on how she can give back.
In the past five years as a Duchess, Catherine has thrown herself into raising awareness when it comes to mental health.
Whether it's her ongoing support of children's charities or working alongside her husband and brother-in-law Prince Harry, with the trio leading Heads Together, a campaign that aims to help people feel "much more comfortable with their everyday mental well-being and have the practical tools to support their friends and family."
As for the Suits starlet, she's thrown herself into inspiring humanitarian work.
Admitting, "I’ve never wanted to be a lady who lunches – I’ve always wanted to be a woman who works. And this type of work is what feeds my soul, and fuels my purpose."
The 35-year-old recently visited a refugee camp in Rwanda as part of her work as a UN Women's advocate.
Always ready to give back!
The ladies are passionate humanitarians.
Humble beginnings
There's also the possibility that Meghan is a long-lost Middleton.
Just like Kate, she has stunning locks, enchanting features and the ability to make hilarious faces during a tennis match!
We can't wait to see the pair in the royal box at next year's Wimbledon.
And they both come from humble beginnings. While the Middleton matriarch Carole used to be an air hostess, Meghan's mum also worked in the travel industry.
“My mum was a travel agent, so off-the-beaten-path travel has always been a big part of my life," she explained with Allure in 2014.
Seriously Megs! Are you a long-lost Middleton?
They know the importance of having fun with your girlfriends...
Reacting to the tennis in the EXACT same way...
The duo love being active.
Power of the pen
Using their star power for good, Catherine and Meghan have turned to writing to share their message.
When Meghan isn't acting as Suits favourite Rachel Zane, she is running her lifestyle blog The Tig, which is filled with beauty and fashion tips, to views on the world, humanitarian work, with a dollop of enticing food and travel snaps.
"I was hoping to integrate social consciousness and subjects of higher value than, let’s say… selfies. A subtle means to pepper in what really matters,” she writes on the website.
But she doesn't stop there, knowing the power of the written word, last year the actress wrote a column for Elle discussing how she understand her identity as a mixed-race woman.
Speaking about how it affected her professionally, Meghan recalled how she “wasn’t black enough for the black roles and wasn’t white enough for the white ones, leaving me somewhere in the middle as the ethnic chameleon who couldn’t book a job."
Delving deeper into the subject matter, she spoke of what she saw when she witnessed the 2014 Ferguson and Baltimore protests.
“In horror as both sides of a culture I define as my own became victims of spin in the media, perpetuating stereotypes and reminding us that the States has perhaps only placed bandages over the problems that have never healed at the root."
Using blogs to reach a wider audience.
As for the Duchess of Cambridge, she made her royally inspiring editing debut earlier in the year, taking the reins as the Huffington Post's Guest Editor in a bid to raise awareness and understanding of children's mental health issues.
Dipping her toes into the world of journalism, the Duchess shared an impassioned account of her personal experiences from her work with charities that focus on addiction, family breakdowns and vulnerable children.
For her first article in the Young Minds Matter series, Catherine discussed her hopes for her own children George and Charlotte, explaining she wants them to grow up emotionally aware.
"What I did not expect was to see that time and time again, the issues that led people to addiction and destructive decision making seemed to almost always stem from unresolved childhood challenges," she wrote in her debut article.
"It became clear to me that many children - even those younger than five - have to deal with complex problems without the emotional resilience, language or confidence to ask for help. And it was also clear that with mental health problems still being such a taboo, many adults are often too afraid to ask for help for the children in their care."
Much like the rest of the world, Kate and Meghan are mighty fond of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
Kids flock to the lovely ladies.
Caring for Captain Wales
But the most exciting thing Kate and Meghan share is their mutual love for Prince Harry.
The Prince's sister-in-law is said to be "thrilled" over the couple's new romance.Our royal source tells us, "Kate is thrilled that Harry has finally found a girlfriend who looks like being a keeper."
"She only wants the very best for her lovely brother-in-law - and Meghan looks like she fits the bill."
Adding, "Catherine is doing all she can to support Meghan" as she eases into her royal relationship.
They love Justin, too!
Kate is thrilled that Meghan and Harry are out in the open! Meghan recently posted this cute banana shot, seemingly referencing her new romance.

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