British Royal Family

Where is Prince Louis? And when will we see the youngest Royal again?

All we want to do is see more of his adorable little face!

By Ellie McDonald
On April 23, two months ago, another heir to the British Royal throne was born: Prince William and Duchess Catherine's son, Prince Louis.
And in that time, there's has been a lot going on for William and Catherine: Prince Harry got married to Meghan Markle, the Queen marked her birthday with yet another Trooping The Colour parade – both of which William and Kate have attended.
But where is Prince Louis while all of this going on? And when will we see him again? Here are your questions answered.
Duchess Catherine and Prince William with Louis, the day he was born in April.

Where was Prince Louis at Trooping The Colour?

According to HELLO, it is believed that the Royals' trusted nanny, Maria Borrallo was inside Buckingham Palace with baby Prince Louis while George and Charlotte were on the balcony watching the Trooping The Colour jets fly above with their parents. Considering George and Charlotte didn't step out on to the Buckingham Palace balcony until they were one, it's no wonder young Prince Louis wasn't there with his siblings.

Where was Prince Louis during the Royal Wedding?

It's said that both Maria and Kate's mum, Carole Middleton, had jobs to do during the Royal Wedding, with Carole fronting as a guest and Maria keeping a close eye on the young bridal party. From this, HELLO report that Prince Louis would have then been looked after by Windsor Castle staff.
Royal nanny Maria Borrallo comforting one of Megan and Harry's crying bridesmaids, Zalie Warren.

When will we see Prince Louis?

By Royal tradition, Prince Louis is (understandably) too young to go to Royal events (like the Royal Wedding and Trooping The Colour), but we did catch a glance of the youngster with his mum and big sister as Duchess Catherine took Louis and Charlotte for a walk around Kensington Gardens in May.
Duchess Catherine took Louis and Charlotte out for a wander in Kensington Gardens.
As to when we will officially see Prince Louis again… If we look at Royal tradition, Prince George's christening was held on October 23, 2013 – three months after he was born. As for Princess Charlotte, she was christened on July 5, 2015, which was two months after she was born. Apply this equation to Prince Louis and he could be christened between the end of June and the beginning of July.
Watch this space!