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Royal Baby's first photos! What to expect from Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan's first official outing with Baby Sussex

Baby Sussex is about to make his dazzling debut! Here's everything we know about his upcoming appearance.

By Bella Brennan
Ask any new parent how many photos they've snapped of their precious newborn and they'll proudly tell you their entire phone is taken up with cute pics documenting their bub's every move.
And it's likely no different for Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry, who welcomed their first-born son in the early hours of Monday, May 6th.
However, unlike us normal mums and dads, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex can't simply send a cute selection of shots of their son to their nearest and dearest on What's App to let them know the baby has arrived safe and sound.
If only it was that easy! Instead, the world's most famous family-of-three have to introduce their son to the entire world.
As Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan prepare to debut their son to the gaze of millions, here's what you can expect from the family's highly-anticipated photo call.

When can we see Duchess Meghan & Prince Harry's first Royal Baby photos?

It feels like a lifetime ago since Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry announced they were expecting their first child on that fateful first day of their royal tour of Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.
Since then, the world has gone into overdrive with Royal Baby watch.
But now, the wait is almost over.
We finally know they welcomed a son but other than that, information has been scarce with conflicting reports over even the most basic of facts, like where Meghan gave birth.
WATCH: Prince Harry is the cutest new dad ever. Post continues after the video...
However on Monday, Harry himself has confirmed that he will be debuting his baby in "two day's time" which is Wednesday, May 8th!
"For us I think we'll be seeing [the press] in probably two day's time as a family to be able to share it with you," he explained during his impromptu press conference earlier in the week, before adding excitedly, "so everyone can see the baby!".
The photo call has to happen today due to Harry's tight schedule with the Prince due to fly out to The Netherlands on Thursday to launch the one-year countdown of the 2020 Invictus Games, which will be held at The Hauge.
Keen to do things in a more subdued and low-key manner, there will only be one cameraman, one journalist and one photographer at the official photo call on the Long Walk of Windsor Castle.
But fear not, these images will be shared with the world and published across every news outlet and website, including Now to Love, around the globe.
Keep in mind, there is a nine-hour delay between the UK and Australia so depending when they step out, Aussie royal watchers can probably expect to see the first photos sometime in the evening tonight.

Will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reveal their baby name during the photo call?

When it comes to Meghan and Harry, always expect the unexpected!
So far, everything they've done with their baby's birth has been on their terms - from Prince Harry confirming the news himself via a press conference, to the couple refusing to reveal where Meghan gave birth so we wouldn't be surprised if they dropped the name during the photo call!
Harry himself joked that because his baby boy was so overdue, they've had a lot of time to finalise their name options.
In saying that, they might not reveal anything just yet.
After all, the world was convinced they were having a girl and according to reports, the couple hadn't found out the gender and if they too believed punter's predictions, they may have been caught a little off-guard at welcoming a boy so they could perhaps need more time to finalise the all-important moniker.
It wouldn't be the first time we were made to wait!
Last year, Prince William and Duchess Catherine waited four long days to announce they'd named their son Prince Louis Arthur Charles.
Fans are hoping the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will also share their son's name when they step out on Wednesday. (Image: Getty)

Meghan Markle will break her silence on motherhood and her son

We haven't seen Duchess Meghan since her final public appearance in March during an unannounced outing to the New Zealand House in London in the wake of the Christchurch terror attacks.
But this week, the 37-year-old will return to the spotlight - this time as a mother with her babe in arms.
And we're predicting that she'll break her silence on motherhood and her precious son.
We don't expect she'll share too much, but just like their engagement photo call, Meghan and Harry are pros at unveiling touching morsels of information and we're sure they'll be revealing a few beautiful tid bits of information when they step out!
One thing we know for sure is that there'll be A LOT of beautiful family photos of the Sussexes that we'll be looking back on for years to come.
We can't wait to see Meghan, Harry and their baby all together for the first time. (Image: Getty)

There may even be a Princess Diana tribute somewhere in Meghan's outfit

Behind the scenes, a stylist has no doubt been working with Meghan on what she'll be wearing for this global moment.
While the former Suits actress is a passionate feminist, who reportedly "felt sorry" for her sister-in-law Duchess Catherine when she had to pose for photos on the steps of the Lindo Wing just hours after welcoming all three of her children, she is also a world-wide icon who is savvy enough to understand that what she wears can send a message and will be etched into the history books for decades to come.
We don't think Meghan will be walking out in her trackie dacks, but don't expect a ballgown, either!
Our money is on an understated dress, flat shoes, her trademark messy bun and minimal make-up. A refreshing image of a modern mother in 2019.
Like she has in the past, Meghan may wear a piece of jewellery from her later mother-in-law Princess Diana's collection. Or she could even recreate one of her famous outfits, just like Duchess Catherine did with her red smock dress and polka-dot number after George and Louis' births.
Now to Love will bringing you all the action, live as it happens, during Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and Baby Sussex's first photo call! Be sure to check back here for updates!
Meghan paid tribute to Diana in the sweetest way by wearing butterfly earrings that once belonged to Diana as she attended various engagements around Sydney last year. (Images: Getty)

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