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Thomas Markle speaks out on THOSE Meghan rumours, and what he has to say might surprise you

The Duchess's estranged father has been well and truly ghosted.

At Christmas, it's part and parcel for families to come together - but for the Markle brood, chances of a reunion are looking less and less likely by the day.
Duchess Meghan's estranged father, Thomas Markle, has spoken out yet again following his daughter's royal wedding to Prince Harry, and what he has to say might surprise you.
Thomas has opened up about his relationship with his daughter following rumours of a growing rift in the royal family. (Images: Getty (L) GMB (R))
While appearing in an interview with Good Morning Britain with host Piers Morgan, Thomas spoke candidly about his attempts to get in touch with his 37-year-old daughter - to no avail.
"Every day I try to text her, I just haven't receive any comment back," he told the hosts.
Thomas claimed he has tried several means of communication to contact his daughter over the past few months, but it seems the Duchess is set on standing her ground.
Morgan then suggested that Markle himself had been 'ghosted' by his own daughter, to which Thomas agreed.
When asked what he thought about the rumours of a growing rift in the royal family between Meghan, her staff and even Kate and Wills, Thomas said he found them hard to believe.
"I don't believe [the reports] I think they're gossip - Meghan has never been rude to anyone she learned to respect everyone," he said.
"She's always been a very controlling person and that's part of her nature but she's never been rude."
However when it comes to the supposed ghosting, Thomas has been left rather perplexed by his daughters actions.
"The ghosting I don't completely understand - she's always been in charge, that's her nature, but not been rude."
The 74-year-old missed his daughter's wedding back in May due to heart problems, but it's also common knowledge a rift between the pair started long before then when he staged those infamous paparazzi shots.
Since the wedding, Thomas also made numerous comments slamming the British Royal Family.
But in August, it was reported that Thomas begged for one final chance to make amends with his daughter and new son-in-law after reports that the royal couple planned to visit the States late this year.
The Sunday Express reported: "He wants to hug his daughter and tell her how very proud he is of her and how much he loves her."
"He wanted so much to walk her down the aisle and give her away on her magical big day and he's always going to be bitterly upset and frustrated that instead he has to stay in bed following heart surgery."
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Thomas also confirmed in this week's interview that he still hasn't met Prince Harry.
"There has to be a place for me, I'm her father - and I will be the grandfather to her children," he said.
Thomas's comments sparked a strong online reaction with many taking to Twitter to voice their thoughts.
One Twitter user wrote: "I feel for him. So sad that his daughter is ignoring him. The interview was heartfelt and he has said nothing wrong in this interview."
Piers Morgan himself also took to Twitter, posting an old photo of Meghan and Thomas with their arms around each other along with the caption: "Don't be the Queen of Broken Hearts, Meghan - it's Christmas, call your poor grieving Dad before it's too late."
Morgan also confirmed that Thomas hadn't received payment for the interview he gave this week.
"It's a very sad situation that needs to be resolved. [Princess] Diana would have hated it," he wrote.

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