British Royal Family

The touching way the British Royal Family are supporting the bereaved Queen in the wake of Prince Philip's death

The funeral for the Duke of Edinburgh took place on Saturday.

By Jess Pullar
The Queen is no doubt feeling a void after her husband of 73 years was laid to rest on Saturday.
But while she remains in the sparse grounds of Windsor Castle, she's still surrounded by love from her supportive family members.
According to a new Mirror report, her closest family members have drawn up a rota system to ensure they're all spending time with The Queen as she mourns Prince Philip.
While current COVID-19 restrictions mean the Queen must be socially distanced, her children are able to spend time with her outdoors and in open areas.
The Queen will also turn 95 on April 21 - her first birthday without Philip in 73 years. With that in mind, her children are rallying around her more than ever.
The Queen lost her husband of 73 years on April 9. (Getty)
While it's believed Prince William and Duchess Catherine have now returned to London so their two eldest children Charlotte and George can attend school, several family members remain in the Windsor area.
They include her son Prince Edward and his wife Sophie of Wessex, who live close by at Bagshot Park.
Prince Harry is also believed to be remaining in the UK for a little longer, and is residing in Windsor's Frogmore Cottage. He will however return to the US shortly where his wife Duchess Meghan is heavily pregnant with their second child.
Members of the royal family attend Philip's funeral on Saturday. (Getty)
The Queen also has a team of 22 staff at Windsor Castle who are a part of her official bubble.
That bubble includes her Lady In Waiting, Lady Susan Hussey - she was seen arriving with The Queen at the funeral on Saturday.

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