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At 94, the Queen proves she's winning at life after being pictured outdoors for the first time since going into lockdown

The woman, the myth, the legend.

By Jess Pullar
It's no secret that the Queen is one strong woman, but with the world currently facing a global pandemic, the 94-year-old Monarch has had to put her health first and refrain from making any of her public appearances.
The reality was not desired, but completely understandable, particularly as the UK saw its COVID-19 figures soar in the months since.
But ever the warrior, the Queen has proved she's unstoppable by finding another way to stay present at the forefront of our minds - and once again, she's left us speechless.
On Sunday evening, the Palace shared three extremely rare images taken inside Windsor Park from over the weekend.
In the pictures, the Queen is seen riding her horse, named Fern, looking healthy and radiant as the British sun shines down.
In the caption, the Palace wrote: "Her Majesty has enjoyed riding since childhood and is closely involved with the welfare of the horses she owns for breeding, riding and racing."
Rare new images of the Queen have been released by Buckingham Palace amid the COVID-19 pandemic. (Press Association)
The Queen has been a known horse lover and keen rider since day dot - and at 94 years old, she has most certainly still got it.
"Happy to see HM in good health," wrote one fan in the comments section.
Another said: "The queen has my respect!! This is so inspiring!!"
And one royal watcher even pointed out a rather comical reality: "Her majesty is in her 90s and still riding horses. Meanwhile, I'm in my 30s and get winded carrying laundry up from the basement."
Her majesty has ridden horses all her life - and was pictured riding her beloved horse Fern over the weekend. (Press Association)
The Queen is likely enjoying time outdoors with her horses at the moment - a feat even discussed by the Queen's daughter-in-law, Sophie of Wessex.
Speaking in an interview with Royal Windsor Horse Show commentator Nick Brooks-Ward, Sophie, who is married to Prince Edward, opened up about the Queen's love for horses.
"She loves all her horses and her ponies and she loves to see them being shown. And she takes such a personal interest in them," Sophie explained.
"We're always really hoping, whenever we bump into [the Queen], it's a question, sort of, you know, 'How many winners?' and she always has a huge big smile on her face when she's had a place, which is fantastic."
WATCH: The Queen hasn't lost her sense of humour - see her funny joke as she signs a visitors book. Story continues...
This is the first time we've seen the Queen pictured outdoors since she arrived at Windsor Castle to self-isolate with her husband, Prince Philip, back in March.
Given her age, and with Philip nearing the big centenary, they did not take any risks when it came to quarantine.
Of course, the unstoppable Monarch has still managed to fulfil her duties throughout.
In fact, she even made an historic address to the nation - the fifth of its kind in her lifetime, where she gave the public some stirring words of encouragement.
"I want to reassure you that if we remain united and resolute, then we will overcome it. I hope in the years to come everyone will be able to take pride in how they responded to this challenge," she said during the address.
"And those who come after us will say the Britons of this generation were as strong as any. That the attributes of self-discipline, of quiet good-humoured resolve and of fellow-feeling still characterise this country."
With someone like the Queen herself setting the example of what it means to remain strong in the face of uncertainty, we're certainly not afraid to take heed of her words.

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