British Royal Family

The Queen has a cushion that reads "It's good to be Queen"

A new documentary is the most intimate peek into the Queen's life yet.

In one of the most intimate insights into the Queen’s life the world has ever seen, a new ITV documentary about the soon-to-be-90 year old has just been released, reports People.
The documentary Our Queen At 90 illustrates that the most famous woman in the world, nicknamed “Gan Gan” by her great-grandson, Prince George, is a woman with a very strong sense of family and a surprising sense of humour evidenced by her cushion which reads:
“It’s good to be Queen.”
Featuring interviews from her nearest and dearest including Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince Harry and Princess Kate, the doco reveals much about the personal life and personality of Queen Elizabeth II, the longest reigning monarch.
Our Queen At 90 aired in the U.K. on Sunday.

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