The newest royal trend: lace dresses!

This is a royal trend Duchess Catherine, Queen Letizia and Princess Mary can't live without!

If you’re a Princess, a Duchess, a Queen or any other sort of royal women in this modern age, there is one thing you absolutely need in your wardrobe.
And no, it isn’t a tiara!
It’s the ever versatile long-sleeved lace dress.
The perfect balance between sexy and classy, with a touch of sophistication, the lace dress is a stable of every Princess’ outfit.
Just look at Duchess Catherine, who mostly definitely knows the importance of the lace dress.
The Duchess was spotted out yesterday looking perfectly regal in a plum Dolce & Gabbana dress with a high neckline.
But don’t be so surprised! It’s a long standing royal tradition.
Take a look at our favourite royal lace moments!

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